Download: Angry Birds icon for LauncherPro

If you’re not already using LauncherPro, I’d highly recommend it as a fantastic way to customize your Android experience. LauncherPro replaces your default Android launcher with something that you can customize the snot out of, including changing the icons in your dock. There are tons of icons available for essentially every app, except Angry Birds Lite.

But that was then and this is now, and I’ve made an Angry Birds Lite icon for you guys. Hit up the link after the break for the download.

Once you grab it, put it in the download folder on your SD card. If LauncherPro doesn’t see it, then unmount & remount your SD card and that should fix it.

Angry Birds Lite LauncherPro icon (greyscale)

Angry Birds Lite LauncherPro icon (color)

  • Andrew

    I wish you guys would stop talking about this game. It’s just yet another clone of another 5000 flash games.

    It’s OK, but it isn’t a new concept, certainly not as groundbreaking as you guys are making it out to be..

  • Ryo

    I wish developers would care about the rest of the world, and I could get this game.
    Nothing. The market is fine, and you can buy apps, no problem.
    And such devs are the ones who shouting about money, but are too dumb to just offer their apps to everyone…

  • Scott Young

    I think the beta is just limited to the States. The full version I’m sure will be available world wide (as the iVersion is)