Lockitron Officially Up For Pre-Order, Aims To Give Android Users Another Means Of Keeping Solicitors At Bay


Android is a platform that can simply make our lives easier– and I’m not just talking about smartphone use either. Lockitron is a company well known for security at a residence or business. How it works is simple: there’s a smart deadbolt system that will unlock and lock doors all by using your smartphone and a WiFi network. The great thing is that Lockitron is a unit that fits over an existing deadbolt, meaning there’s no complicated installation for the unit to work. In addition, there’s an app that’s available which allows for one or multiple users and their access levels.

The new unit is available for pre-order at a reasonable $150, with the first batches being shipped out by March. If you’re itching to get in on the action, hit the source link for more details.

source: Lockitron

  • Stoker

    Cool! Now hackers can get into my house and I’ll be locked in during a fire if it takes out my router before I can get to the exit! Where do I sign? LOL.