Report suggests Google could reveal new Nexus device and iterative Android release within ‘next 30 days’

While we’ve heard rumors that claim Google plans to release up to five Nexus devices this year in commemoration of Android’s 5th birthday, a new report suggests that the company could be unveiling a single flagship smartphone along with an iterative Android version sometime in the “next 30 days.”

Three separate “industry sources” have confirmed the same thing, claiming that that Google will indeed unveil the next Nexus phone in October. The same channels went on to say that the device in question has “already leaked”, which leads us to believe that we may have already seen the next-gen hardware. As we expected, the next version of Android will only be an iterative jump (possibly version 4.2) , and will continue to be called Jelly Bean.

The exact hardware remains a mystery, though recent leaks have shown HTC’s DROID Incredible X as a potential candidate. However, LG’s Optimus G still seems to be the most likely choice, considering murmorings from our own inside sources. As with any rumor, we suggest you take this with a hefty grain of salt, as there’s no way to vouch for its authenticity. In the meantime–who would be our first choice to manufacture the next Nexus smartphone? What would be your ideal specs? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: AndroidandMe

About the Author: Colton Kaiser

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  • vcarvega

    I would like to see a nexus from HTC… But for some reason I dont think HTC will do a stock Android experience. Maybe Asus… Or a nice Motorolla (tho I have not liked many moto android phones to date). As long as it is a stock Android experience, I’m in.

    • DD

      You must of missed the original Nexus One then… HTC made it.

      • vcarvega

        Oh yea, I did miss that one… and forgot all about it. I wasn’t into Android back when it came out. I wonder if that means they would pass over HTC for another one then???

        If they are trying not to repeat OEM’s, then I guess Moto or LG would be the most likely candidates.

  • drawz

    Isn’t a “hefty grain of salt” the wrong way of putting it? It seems like “tiny grain of salt” would be more fitting. Just saying…

    • Tom

      No. Hefty grain of salt makes much more sense than tiny grain of salt. Honestly, this rumor should be taken with a spoon full of salt.

  • Motorola would be my #1 choice. Good hardware + great software = amazing phone. As far as specs, an “Edge to edge” Nexus would be neat, probably duel core Intel processor (clocked at 2ghz would be epic), 4.5″ screen. Thin, light, 8MP camera with boosted software (Nokia’s preview makes even 8MP shots look like they were taken by a high quality dedicated camera). LED NOTIFICATION LIGHT. Really miss those. A 720p screen would be preferable: great quality without overdoing it. What would it’s name be? Hopefully the “DROID Nexus”, but it will probably be the Razr Nexus.

  • My Bud is Green

    I may sound crazy, but all I want is another Samsung-built nexus with mjch higher specs.

  • migperez

    Droid Nexus or Galaxy Nexus 2

  • Indian

    samsung did not launch galaxy nexus in india. I just hope its HTC this time.

  • tBs_Battousai

    I love my Samsung gnex but that LG looks like a beast… hardware wise I think that any of the top handset makers are able to push out great devices when they focus on what’s important to the customer…

  • Samajhdaar

    So soon, come on google, you are not making this any easy!