Install Android On Your Nokia N810

Android NewsSome clever coders over on have managed to successfully port the Android OS onto the Nokia N810, and have even made it as simple as installing an application.

The successful Android port also includes a working TouchScreen interface, a fully functional browser and Maps integration.

Installation Instructions

No partitioning needed (135MB free space needed)
Step #1
Put android.img.bz2 on your memory card

After putting the file on the memory card (either one) there must be 110MB free space on whichever card is holding the android.img.bz2 image.

You can get the file here (See md5sum information below)

Step #2
Then install the deb, this will flash your kernel and give you an icon in extras menu to start Android.

Once complete you just reboot

For more information and guidance installing Android yourself, head on over to the forum thread here:

  • Mathew

    I’ve run through the instructions and I suppose I get Android installed properly but it never successfully loads.

    I’ve installed android-installer.deb and android-update.deb. When I run it from Applications->Extras it sits for a while and only after the screen blanks and I tap it to turn it back on do I see the Android progress bar. However, it is frozen. I’ve given it well more than the ~60 seconds you stated were needed but still, no go.

    This was with the 43-7 kernel update from Nokia. I’m going to try with the kernel the device shipped with to see what happens.

  • sam

    can android be installed on my motorola em30
    plz rply soon
    m waiting

  • Alvin

    hey i have the same problem too. i installed everything correctly but android is not loading. i see the progress bar and its been there for over an hour now. let me know how the other kernel is Matthew

  • Mathew

    From what I’ve read on the forums, this is no longer being maintained. Instead, they point to another option called NITdroid. I haven’t played with it yet. I plan to sometime in the near future.

  • justin

    you must reboot. Hold the off button down until it turns off then turn back on, click in the icon

  • justin

    is there a way to install it in place of maemo

  • Tuansoh

    Have anyone else actually sucessfully loaded the Android OS into the N810. I’m ready to do it with some guide!

  • gianni

    is possible to install android also on nokia 5800 ??
    thanks in advance

  • SoreEyes

    Once you go Android, can you go back to OS2008?

  • For more information about adroid go to

  • hello. I can’t find instruction to install .deb file on mt Nokia5800 :(
    Can you help me, please?!

  • Nayef

    What are the supported models for installing Indroid ??

    I couldn’t find an answer to that anywhere

  • wetpussy

    me too it shows a red line and then keeps changing but never opens

  • g

    so how to deploy any android apps into nokia?
    which model support for android?? I ask google but he said nothing.

  • Suraj Pavawalla

    Thanks so much for the links and instructions! It does seem to work!

    It doesn’t seem perfect but it does indeed work! I have installed Maemo (Diablo) on my flash drive, in a partion. Here is the link for how to boot from flash:

    From what I understand utilizing a flash card can increase performance, so I think Android will work better.

    Some things don’t seemto be working but the browser does.

    It would be so great if upgrades and apps can be installed. I’m not sure if apps can be installed but i’m definitly gonna try.

    I’ll report back with what happens.

  • when will android be released for nokia 5800! when!!!! symbian is crapp now and android is the way to go but wer stuck with shitty symbian devices that freeze and malfunction all the time

  • Raj

    Nokia C6-00 … bored with the symbian thing ….
    android help ?????

  • shariq

    how to install android to my 5800xm>>???
    i juz like android…!
    reply fast.>>!

  • kit

    yes, plz. let me know too…5800 here… symbian sucks.

  • pranav

    can we play android games on it????

  • Raghava

    hey, im having nokia c5-03 its s60 5th edition the two files which u said those formats were not supported in my mobile so give me the right files plz i want to install android plzzzzz

  • Abhi9 tripathi

    Hey hackers is thr a way out to install android without downgrading the firmware on apple iPhone 3G… Pls find a way out..!

  • Emre

    Yunus Emre from Turkey agree to the form in my step. android.img.bz2 first before I installed it I pressed the button to open the Nokia N810 Nokia N810 did not open the battery after it is over do you know can assist

  • can you please tell me can we put android n nokia 500 ??
    (1ghz processor)

  • is any one could help us nokia 5800 can be return to androit phone
    2 whic way flasher or sd card instaler please mailme hnkt1986

  • shiplu42

    please tell me c6 support android os

  • Kishorehari 84

    can android intall in n8

  • Vipinsasikumar

    .deb format only works on Linuz OS. (N900, N850 etc.). You Can’t use it on ur 5800/N8

  • haahah

    can i install android in nokia 5800 xpressmusic

  • Dixon James

    does NOT work….