Samsung Galaxy Camera gets priced and is available for pre-order in the UK

The British website Clove has announced the Samsung Galaxy Camera for pre-order at a price of £399 ($650) including VAT and £332 ($540) without VAT. The camera runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features a quad core Exynos processor, a 16 megapixel sensor, 21x optical zoom, and pop-up xenon flash The Galaxy Camera looks to spearhead a new era of “Smart Cameras”.

The Galaxy Camera  adds most of the features we are used to in our phones such as 3G, a touchscreen display and HDMI out for the smartphone-loving Instagram nut. It’s meant to satisfy the casual point-and-shoot crowd, but is this preliminary pricing too much for general consumers to swallow?

Source: Clove

  • Will Gill

    This is pretty sweet. I have to admit though, how comfortable would you feel holding it?

  • does it come with the USSD option to completely factory reset it from a website?

  • I do wish we could get this quality of camera in a smartphone. I’d love it.

  • Depends on a few factors. Picture quality, usability being the top two. I have not seen mention of an NFC chip. I’m surprised since it would complement the Galaxy SIII’s ability to tap to share. I might pocket a bigger phone if it had a nice (dust proof) optical zoom.