Facebook begins testing automatic photo uploads on Android

With Google and Dropbox already utilizing automatic photo uploads, it’s not shocking that Facebook wants to join the party. Facebook is now testing this same type of service. It will be much like the Google+/Picasa version in that all your pictures will upload to your account, but not shared unless you choose to do so. It appears that only select Android users actually have this feature. It’s called Photo Sync and they even have a help page setup. To check to see if you have it, go to your Timeline on your mobile app (Android only), tap Photos, and if there is a Sync button you’re in luck. If you don’t, then sit back and wait to see if Facebook ever releases this to the masses.

sources: TheVerge / Facebook help page


  • Kmanvan

    Facebook =privacy nihhtmsre

  • Yeahhhhh not gonna happen. I don’t even have the app installed because of privacy issues. No way I’ll let them steal all my pics too!