Samsung Announces Production Of 128GB eMMC Memory Units, Promises To Make Next Generation Devices Just A Little Better Than Existing Devices


Bigger is always better— and Samsung is looking to apply that mantra to the next generation of memory devices in future smartphones. Considering 32GB devices is starting to become a bit too tight when holding all of our games, music and photos– Samsung believes its time to develop new and enhanced memory chips with a higher capacity. It announced at the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum 2012 the 128GB eMMC Pro, which is an “industry first”. The new eMMC Pro line is created using Samsung’s 20 nanometer technology, while being cooperative with JEDEC eMMC v4.5 specifications. This means the NAND flash-based memory is capable of hitting speeds of up to read/write speeds of 140MB/s– which allows this to compete with even the fastest of the microSD cards now.

So now that the eMMC Pro units are official and are currently in production, the next question will be when we see them in Samsung-based devices. Perhaps we’ll see them in 2013 in time for the next great superphone?

source: Sammy Hub