Google+ Reaches 400 Million Total Users And 100 Million Active Users Per Month


Vic Gundotra announced today that Google+, in just one year, has hit the 400 million total user milestone. He also mentioned that Google’s social network has 100 million active users per month, including both Web and mobile users. It still has some catching up to do to reach Facebook’s 955 million active users per month, but it took Facebook much longer than a year to reach those numbers.

With Android activating over a million devices daily, Google+ only stands to keep growing, and that’s a good thing. Personally, I prefer Google’s UI over Facebook’s, and the overall user experience feels cleaner. But with so many people I know still on Facebook and not “upgraded” to G+, both social networks are still required. This is most likely true for most of us.

Do you use Google+? Exclusively, or in combination with Facebook? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

source: vic gundotra on google+

  • TJ

    Joining g+ has been the best thing ever. Ditched FB a long time ago and have not looked back at all. Have met loads of cool people on there.. it’s great!

  • RTWright

    I tried Facebook a few times, tried to force myself to like it. Hated the interface and just got tired of it. Then Google came out with G+ and I got in on that early on. I have loved every minute on G+ and have met some incredible people on there. Can’t think of any better a place to be!

  • Facebook is such a pain in the a…