Bing will be the default search engine on the Kindle Fire HD

With Amazon unveiling their new Kindle Fire lineup at such low prices given the specs of the tablets, it looks like they have been finding numerous ways to make back some of the money they’re going to lose upon each Kindle Fire they’re going to sell. First Amazon places ads around the OS (most notably the lockscreen) to create some extra revenue, and now they have struck a deal with Microsoft to make the Fire’s default search engine into Bing, as opposed to Google Search in the first Kindle Fire.

This is a huge win for Microsoft as we should expect to see the new set of Kindle Fire’s to outsell last years predecessor. Anything to help subsidize the costs of these tablets, right? Looks like there will be some slight drawbacks in having these high end tablets for a cheap price.

source: Business Insider

  • Why new Kindle’s notification bar looks like iOS’ bar? When I saw it the first time, I thought this was iPad with Amazon AppStore :D

  • even more reason this is a bad buy.. stay away from these and go Nexus 7.

  • RTWright

    Anyone who does buy these will be annoyed within the first month by the ads. I see those getting complained on so much that they do remove them down the line to boost their sales which will be lacking because of their choices made here. Further, those that do sell? Well they’ll more than likely get rooted before Amazon does anything about the ads.

    Bing is Pretty and all, but Google is still #1. That wont change even with this agreement with Microsoft. Personally I agree with the post below, buy the Nexus 7 and be done with it. Wont have to worry about the stupid ads and you’ll have a rock solid device from the start.

  • ari_free

    Microsoft now can like Android instead of pushing an OS that nobody wants. Google/Amazon does most of the work and all they have to do is bring Bing, Office and Silverlight.

  • Chris

    Apparently you can disable the ads for a one off fee of $15.

    The problem with making Android open source is that Amazon have frozen Google totally out . No Google play, no Google search and to top it off they’ve brought in their competition (Microsoft), that sucks.