The new Kindle Fire is 40 percent faster and $40 cheaper

Amazon unveiled new tablets today and the first one was an updated version of the Kindle Fire. You can’t complain when the specs go north and at the same time the price goes south. The additional hardware includes a faster processor that makes it 40 percent faster, an extra 512MB of RAM (total 1GB), a bigger battery, and a front-facing camera. Other than that, it’s still a 7-inch display. The best part of all of it is that it’s priced at $159, $40 cheaper than last year’s model. Pre-orders will start soon and it will be available on September 14th.

It continues to be a forked version of Android, but the market they are going after doesn’t care. I still prefer the Nexus 7, but what do you guys think?


  • Hilman_ca

    40% faster than slow lol, This isn’t exactly a great metric for comparing devices, maybe that’s why they used such a generic term.

    Nexus 7>>>>>>>>>7″ Fire HD>>>Fire2

  • Nexus 7. Definitely.

  • Brian Hartman

    I’ve got the original Kindle Fire, so it would definitely be a step up. And the inclusion of Bluetooth makes it even better. I’m not thrilled that it’s ad-supported, though. If the offers are good ones (for Amazon movies and music) then I can live with it.