Samsung strikes back, vows to sue Apple if next iPhone features 4G LTE

While Samsung may have suffered a massive blow in its lawsuit against Apple, the Korean-based manufacturer isn’t giving in anytime soon. A new report has confirmed that Samsung will immediately sue Apple if its next iPhone utilizes long-term evolution (LTE) technology.

Samsung has been a major player in the development of 4G LTE and holds a vast portfolio of relevant patents, equating to 10% of all LTE patents in existence. Considering Apple has already introduced an iPad with LTE, it’s almost guaranteed that the company’s  upcoming iPhone will feature the same connectivity option.

Unfortunately for Samsung, this task may not be as easy as it sounds. LTE is a market-wide standard, which means Samsung’s patents could (and probably will) be subject to FRAND law. Either way, if Apple chooses to incorporate LTE into the iPhone 4S successor, things are sure to get heated.

Source: Korea Times
Via: Phandroid 

  • AndroidUser53

    Everything apple’s sued Samsung for is pretty much a market-wide standard… apple is ridiculous. I hope Samsung wins the lawsuit. What’s the point of having a patent if you can’t use it? If they couldn’t use it in a lawsuit, they never should’ve let them patent it.

  • Lost_Fan

    Unfortunately for Samsung???? Why? Why do we need tit for tat? It’s like the playground…oooohhh you beat me…I’m taking my marbles home. I hope it is FRAND and Apple says FUCK YOU to Samsung.

    • bcsc

      Even if it is FRAND Apple still has to pay licencing fees. If Apple refused to pay a fair price, they will be subject to lawsuit.

      • Lost_Fan

        Wouldn’t it be part of the chips? Where do they get the chips from? Wouldn’t they be the ones to pay to license it from Samsung and just pass on the cost of it to Apple or anyone else for that matter?

    • dharam

      i m sure you would play tit for tat if you were supposed to pay 1 billion$ in damages for rectangular corners and other standard innovations

  • swtrainer

    I will never EVER buy anything Apple! I am so tired of their attitude and they think too highly of themselves. Now that they dont have Steve Jobs, they will be the next Blackberry…an after-thought.

  • guz

    Just got me a Samsung Galaxy S3… Hey Apple how you like that…

    • Lost_Fan

      They are crying all the way to the bank.

  • Dan

    Rectangular phones… that’s clearly not a market-wide standard. Pft!

  • vikings football

    the phone icon…isnt that a world wide standard that apple tried to protect? and a square with rounded corners? laptops have screens that are square with rounded corners, WTF?

    industry standard?