HTC Chairwoman Confirms No Plans to Settle with Apple

Despite Apple’s recent legal victory over Samsung less than a week ago, HTC’s chairwomen Cher Wang has confirmed that her company has no plans on settling its current patent lawsuit with the Cupertino firm. The lawsuit started back in May when a Delaware court ordered both companies to begin settlement talks.

“Samsung’s defeat does not mean that Google Inc.’s Android camp is defeated”, Wang told Cynes yesterday, and that “every company has good innovations.” These statements make it clear that HTC is ready to go to court, even though such actions appear to be risky and could have social and financial implications.

Source: Cynes
Via: The Verge

  • Sassigal11

    Chairwoman . Help us god between the bad spelling and the losers’ bravado. Thanks Apple for all the entertainment. This is a blast.

  • Billy Bob Gaits

    Apple should change their name to iSuck

  • eilegz

    HTC on the path of self destruction

  • There’s a simple solution to Apple and that is to ban it world wide for just being an iShit company that thinks it can sue everyone into submission…..