Google releases new Nexus 7 commercial

The Nexus 7 has taken the entry-level tablet market by storm, and Google has just released a brand new advertisement for the 7-inch powerhouse. The commercial, titled “Curious” plays off the same emotions as the company’s first commercial, showing how useful the media-centric tablet can be for a younger audience. Additionally, this is the first time Google has shown off its Google Now platform on video, which is something that could potentially spark massive interest with the public. Rather than me spoil the video for you, we’ve embedded it after the break. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • To me this ad is kind of disturbing. I would prefer my kid to play more in nature, than to be addicted to a gadget at such young and tender age!

  • I think Google had to be careful about being perceived as mere copycats, so maybe that’s why they held off for this long. I think its about time. People might be interested n hot new tech, but before they’ll part with their are earned money, they like to know what it can do.

  • I think it’s a cute, unique commercial. (I hope the little things girl drinks the milk and eats the vegetables she’s playing with.)