At Long Last: Testimony Is Finished In Apple Vs. Samsung Case


“We are done”. Those are the words of Judge Lucy Koh expressing an understandable sigh of relief after the epic Apple vs. Samsung battle out here in the States. The testimony and deliberations included words from famed professors to more or less gag orders aimed at Samsung developers. While Samsung and Apple will have a few hours for their closing arguments on Tuesday, the ultimate decision will be left to a jury of seven men and two women on whether or not Samsung did in fact, commit several patent infringements. And in case you all weren’t sure before, the panel will have a lot to think about too. In order for an infringement ruling to be made, the jury will have to unanimously agree that a particular patent is valid and infringed by a particular device. The issue is: there are tons of different phones and tablets named in the case (i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab) in addition to the various patents.

We’re absolutely certain all eyes in the tech world will be on the ruling the jury and Judge Koh makes for the landmark case this upcoming week.

source: AllThingsD

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  • John Freeman – Saver of Humens

    to be honest samsung is probably guilty of most of the infringements. Like it or not sense UI stole a shitload of ideas from apple. of course it what apple wants to get for it is completely unreasonable.

    • Ivo

      Sense UI is developed by HTC and not Samsung. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with the case before you start throwing out an opinion.

      • CORRECT! Ivo, I also OWN A HTC_SENSATION_4G_By:__T*MOBILE-USA__FR_2012/AUG/26__1Yr_Ago__TODAY!__<3 My HTC too!

    • Wong

      TouchWiz he meant

      • Paul Drake

        You cant be sure he did in fact mean TouchWiz, maybe hes an idiot and cant tell the difference between TW and Sense.. Just like the idiots that purchased a Galaxy Tab thinking it was an iPad.

    • I personally Know an APPLE INC., iPHONE_4, and has APP for E-MAILS in s GROUP, PROVIDED at the APP STORE! He told Me it’s SET-UP **LIKE** HTC_SENSE! APPLE <3 S this DESIGN! HTC_SENSATION_4G-BY_T-MOBILE