The inevitable has happened, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III’s bootloader has been unlocked


The second I saw this story on the XDA thread, I envisioned many Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III users giving Verizon the proverbial middle finger. This locked bootloader issue with Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III has certainly made a full circle. It started off with many angry customers when Verizon formally announced that the bootloader will be locked on their Galaxy S III, but soon after there was hope as a couple of miss-informed Verizon and Samsung reps told various people that an update for the S III would be out soon that would unlock the bootloader. Verizon quickly denied that rumor and left us all with the hopes of XDA soon finding a way to crack Verizon’s lock on the bootloader.

Well folks, that day has come as the XDA developer by the name of AdamOutler has released instructions on how to unlock your Verizon Galaxy S III’s bootloader. Before I give you all the instructions, it’s important to first read AdamOutler’s precautionary statement first:

Let me make this clear. If Samsung updates your device’s bootloaders, using this tool could potentially brick your device. Once you apply this, never accept a factory update without first flashing the Odin Packages in the Original Post of this thread. As a general rule, you want to be the last guy to apply any Samsung update. Run custom. 

As of the date of this posting, this works great on Linux and it should work wonderfully on Mac too. If you’re using Windows, I recommend downloading Windows Ubuntu Installer(WUBI) to install Ubuntu from within Windows. 

First you’ll need to download the file needed for this:



  • Open this file
  • Select Root with DebugFSRoot and Do It
  • Select Flash Unsecure Aboot and Do It
  • Use Odin or CWM to flash kernels to your device

Please keep in mind the risk you’re taking if you decide to try this. If you’re not comfortable with the steps shown, then I highly suggest to not attempt it. This is still a new process and in my personal opinion, I would at least wait a couple of days before trying this and see how other people’s experience with this method is. Of course, if you’re an experienced user and know what you’re doing, then give this a shot and let us know what your experience with this is! Good luck!

Thanks Adam Outler! 

source: XDA Post