Samsung leaks photos of black Samsung Galaxy S III on Facebook page

Are you interested in a Samsung Galaxy S III, but put off by any colors other than black? If so, Samsung may have a solution coming to market that will meet your requirements. Over on their Facebook page, in an album showing off the Galaxy S III at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Samsung has posted some photos showing a black Galaxy S III. The captions on the photos do not reveal any other details about the device.

source: intomobile

  • SebaKL

    I was Black device enthusiast for over a decade. I must say, today, I prefer white or blue over black, any time.

  • Sebastian

    I wouldn’t be too sure of that being a black variant of the SIII, the color/hue of the blue one has a tendency to change dependent on the lighting.

  • Gus

    I like a lot the way it looks over the blue or white versions the whole phone looks different it would be great if they add an aluminum back on this one!!!