Radio Shack and AT&T offering HTC One X for $99 on July 29th

Radio Shack has officially confirmed our previous report that the AT&T HTC Once X‘s price will be slashed in half to $99 starting July 29th. This move is likely due to the Samsung Galaxy S III‘s monstrous sales numbers and this could be HTC’s way of attempting to keep up. AT&T is also going to drop the price as well and it’s been reported that they already have, but we just checked online and at the time of this post, it still shows $199.

While the One X is a couple of months older than the S III, it’s still an Android powerhouse and at this price it would be hard to pass up. Any one out there planning on taking advantage of this price?

source: CNET

  • RTWright

    Sealed off Battery and no way to upgrade the SDcard because of it? Nope, not interested in the least. I’m going with the SGSIII purely because of those reasons right there. That to me makes it the better choice between the two, that and HTC is notorious for not caring about a device much after about 6 months or so.

  • Actually this is the only way HTC is surviving in market…