Swiftkey Updates Language Packs to Support Summer Olympics

Announced last night, Swiftkey has released an update to include support for the Summer Olympics. The update will support language packs for both the US and UK keyboards and will allow recognition of your favorite athletes and Olympic teams.

In order to find the update, simply follow these instructions:

SwiftKey users can update their language packs now by going to Settings > Languages & layouts and then tapping “Update” when it appears next to their active languages. To refresh the updates available, tap your phone’s menu button and choose “Update languages”.

When it comes to my keyboard, I am a big fan of stock. I bought Swiftkey a while back before the major updates, and to say the least, I wasn’t a huge fan. However, after using it on my friends Nexus 7, I decided to give it another shot. With It, I can type faster then ever and the predictive complete feature is super helpful. Needless to say, it’s my main keyboard now! You can pick up Swiftkey in the Google Play Store for just $3.99, a small price to pay for an incredible keyboard.

source: Swiftkey

  • Highway

    Hey Justin, you might want to take a look at Adaptxt release for Olympics. The theme is Quite funky but the Xplore key is even more exciting. Some cool stuff that one.

  • JustinCrouch

    Thanks for the tip!! I’ll have to look into that. :)