Google weather searches get interactive on Android tablets

A few weeks after updating the way Google handles weather searches on Android, Google announced similar functionality for tablet devices. Users can simply type in “weather” in their browser or on the Google search page. At the top of the results page, an interactive weather “report” will display, strongly influenced by the Google Now service available in Jelly Bean.

The new weather report shows current conditions and users can toggle between temperature, precipitation, and wind forecasts on an hourly forecast basis. The service also displays a ten-day forecast below that. Users can tap on any of the days or the hourly graph to display details and can move them with a dragging motion.

Reports indicate the new interactive display works in the Chrome Browser for Android. I have tested it myself using the stock Android browser and the Dolphin Browser HD on a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I will definitely check out the accuracy of the hourly forecasts as I often need this for several days in advance.

source: Google