Android and Samsung continue to dominate smartphone market share

At the end of 2011, the Android OS had a 46.3% market share for smartphones, but now they are officially over the 50% mark according to Nielsen’s latest report for the 2nd quarter of this year. The Android OS continues to climb and of all smartphone users, 51.8% of them are running Android. The question that is always asked next is where’s Apple stand? Well things aren’t so bad for Apple’s iOS. They are sitting at 34.3%, which is still a gain of about 4.3% from the end of 2011. If you ask me this is very good considering that it’s one phone per year with one manufacturer, whereas Android is doing it with several phones from several manufacturers.

Speaking of manufacturers, It’s no surprise that Samsung is the top dog for Android with a 17% share, followed by HTC with 14%, Motorola with 11%, and all others at 9%. One other interesting stat is that right now 2/3’s of all consumers buying a new phone are buying a smartphone. That’s pretty high, but it proves there’s still a considerable amount of growth left.

source: nielsen

  • Duncan Booth

    I’m sure that diagram isn’t to scale otherwise the Android column would be taking up more than half the width. It would be a lot more useful if it was to scale, as it is done now I think it is quite misleading.

  • B

    I thought it was worth noting that these are just figures for the US.