Atrix HD Will Have Locked Bootloader, But Providing User-Unlock Method Is Motorola’s Goal

Motorola confirmed tonight, in a series of tweets, that the Atrix HD will indeed have a locked and signed bootloader. This means that altering the kernel on the Atrix HD will not be possible, limiting the customization possibilities of the phone. In other words, no custom ROMs. The phone, however, should still be rootable.

It’s not the end of the world, though, since Moto also tweeted the following:

…our goal is still to provide a way to unlock the bootloaders on our devices to those who wish to do so, more details to come.

So it seems that although the Atrix HD will launch with a locked bootloader, an unlock method may be coming in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

source: motorola mobility (twitter)
via: android police

  • If their goal is to provide an unlock method anyway, why dont they release it with an unlocked bootloader in the first place? Its not like people who aren’t interested in alternative firmwares are going to make use of it and brick their phones.

    Since, judging from my experience with the Motorola Milestone, Motorola’s update policy is nothing but a joke (they came up with the Froyo update for the Milestone with almost a year of delay, blamed it one extensive testing and delivered a firmware that was buggy and slow), they could take some pressure of themselves this way.

    I sincerely hope, that Google will make an end to this.

  • Bruno

    Not the first time we hear this BS from Motorola. The RAZR is an incredible phone, but the dev community was really afraid to give it a shot because of the well-known Motorola policies regarding bootloaders. So Moto said the exactly same thing, convincing people to buy it and guess what, the joke was on us.