Developer Creates a New Android Game by Only Using his ASUS Transformer

Sometimes it amazes me how far technology has come. Seeing the things that we can accomplish on an average smartphone and tablet just amazes me and the sky is the limit, especially on an Android platform. An Android developer by the name of Tony Patino has achieved something that I personally never thought could be accomplished. He was able to create a full Android game all on his ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet! The game is called Burning Platform and is available in the Google Play store (see links below). With Android’s large and diverse ecosystem, he was able to use various apps from the Google Play store at his disposal to aid him in this project.

Here are some of the tool-chains that he used to accomplish this project:


According to the developer, nothing else was hooked up to the tablet in order for him to make the game. Thus it was completely 100% done on his tablet. While he did admit that there were several downsides by only using the tablet, he did find several upsides to it. According to Tony:

The AIDE compiler was very fast. Because you don’t have to spend time uploading and installing to the device every time you compile, the process saves a lot of time. I could also tilt and draw on the screen immediately, where this wouldn’t be possible on a desktop or laptop. If I wanted to test the game on my phone I could install AIDE on the phone as well and sync the two projects on the tablet and phone using DropBox. I was also amazed at the number of tools available for sound editing on Android and their ease of use. This allowed me to make a nice soundtrack for Burning Platform.

Obviously the game he created is relatively simple and doesn’t have the high quality graphics that modern games have now. While making a game on a tablet isn’t quite yet the ideal tool to use, it’s still quite astonishing that is’s possible. For Tony Patino, he isn’t quite ready yet to toss his desktop and laptop aside in favor for his Transformer for development, but he was pleased to see what it was capable of doing. Now that he was able to make a game entirely on his tablet, who knows what the future will hold as tablets and software continues to become more advanced as each day passes. Any developers out there interested in doing this same challenge? Check out the game by hitting one of the links below

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source: Smashing Ideas