LG VS930 (Optimus LTE II) Stops by the FCC Sporting Global-Ready Verizon Radios

Just when you thought the Galaxy S III was going to be reigning top-dog at Verizon, another bad-boy phone stops by the FCC sporting the carrier’s radios. If the recent filling for the LG VS930 foreshadows the future, the Verizon GSIII may see some stiff competition from the LG Optimus LTE II sometime soon. Like the GSIII, the Optimus LTE II sports a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4, 2GB of RAM and an ever so slightly smaller 4.7-inch 720p display. According to the FCC filing, not only does the device house Big Red-friendly CDMA and LTE bands, it also switch hits with GSM and HSPA radios as found in AT&T devices. We could very well be looking at the global-ready successor to the LG Revolution and Spectrum.

If we go off of previous Verizon protocol, we could assume that this device is destined for U.S. shores some time in 2013. You see, in the past Verizon has limited their device lineup to just one LTE LG device per year, but are we are about to see that change? Seeing this FCC filing at this point in 2012 seems way to early for a device that should be scheduled for launch in 2013. It could very well be that the GSIII may only hold the Verizon spotlight for just a short amount of time until another device with similar specs steps into the ring. Stay tuned because this one has definitely caught our eye.

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source: FCC
via: Engadget

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