Chameleon Homescreen Closes Kickstarter Project Only to Open New One Next Week

The folks from the Chameleon tablet project have posted an unfortunate message on their Kickstarter page explaining that the project’s funding process has to start over again. The Kickstarter project was doing well obtaining financial backing until it ran in to an issue with Amazon Payments. The account Teknision Inc. was using actually belonged to an employee and that employee is no longer with the company. Kickstarter only uses Amazon’s payment service and now cannot accept any of the money pledged for this project. Since they are not allowed to switch accounts midstream, the only option available is to recreate the project and start over again. None of the funds pledged to date can be accepted and would have to be pledged again to the newly created project. No one who pledged funds to the current project will be charged.

Chameleon claims that the new Kickstarter project will be up next week and will offer to include the wallpaper pack beginning at the $5 donation level to compensate for the inconvenience this situation has caused its funders. They have reached out to Talk Android letting us know that those who pledged should be receiving email updates and will be notified when the new project is live. They are encouraging folks to resubmit their pledge to help the project move forward… again.

The Chameleon tablet is setting out to make your home screen display change according to where you are and what you are doing. Check out this Kickstarter project using the link below.

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  • Mei

    I don’t see why they can’t just develop the app and put it on Play store like other developers, but instead asking people for money in advance.  Also, this ‘widget’ app should not be priced more than $3 (based on other good widget apps pricing).  And they definitely don’t need $50k to do this.

  • Rob

    Chameleon is not worth your time or money and despite the intention of the creators is NOTE deeply customizable. What it is is a series of widgets on a a couple of nice looking backgrounds. That’s it in it’s entirety. You have very little control over where you place the widgets (there is a strict grid pattern to use) or how much you can resize them (according to this grid pattern) and when you resize them smaller these widget they lose a lot of info (ie what they display). Only widgets desgined by Chameleon can be used and right now there are only 5 (twitter, gmail, facebook, instagram, and news…with very limited sources), so forget about using any widgets from your favorite apps unless chameleon deigns to create one in the future. These widgets also have limited functionality and you have no control over that limited functionality. Say you want to manually set your location on a weather app, or set your facebook app to update manually or perhaps every two hours instead of one. You are out of luck, it’s chameleons way or the highway. Want an app (not a widget) on your desktop, well you can but only along the bottom edge of the screen and only five. Have multiple gmail accounts and would like notifications for each one better be prepared to have multiple large widgets taking up screen real estate or your out of luck. As for the supposed context wonderfeature, it’s been tried before. Do you really want to have to jump through extra hoops to do something because it is a certain time of day or you are logged on to a certain network, if you like those extra steps then this is for you, if you like everything ready to go at your finger tips when and where you want it then this is best left alone. For crying out loud hitting the home button at the bottom of your screen doesn’t even take you to your homescreen. This home screen replacement has limited functionality, so unless twitter, facebook, and instagram updates are your entire world (and even then there are better widgets included with other apps) this app will not be worth even 15 minutes (the refund window) of your time. If you have broader interests, and need something that you can set up exactly how you want it, to be useful for work and play AVOID THIS HOMESCREEN.