Sprint Plans to Launch Its Own Mobile Wallet

To date Sprint has been the only carrier to pre-load Google Wallet on its devices. Now it would appear that Sprint will be offering its own wallet referred to as “Touch”. More importantly, since both wallets need access to the secure element, Sprint will most likely not be able to support both services. Sources have told NFC Times that Sprint is currently busy working with banks and service providers to launch its Touch wallet as an alternative to both the Google Wallet and the upcoming Isis system from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Sprint’s Touch will allow the carrier to have complete control over partners, security measures, API distribution, and development. Sprint is said to have hired NFC software and systems provider Sequent Software to manage the secure elements.

Google is believed to be working on Google Wallet 2.0 to focus more on cloud-based payments among other things. The recent acquisition of TxVia should give Google the help it needs to push adoption. However, without any carriers onboard it may be a futile effort. Perhaps we will find out more when Google I/O takes place later this month.

source: NFC Times