Oracle Slapped with Google’s Legal Fees


Oracle has received another slap in the face as a result of its fight with Google over Java and Android. Judge William Alsup set as one of the conditions for filing the case against Google, that Oracle had to pay Google’s legal fees if they lost.  This was intended as a deterrent to avoid wasting the court’s time.

It looks like this was forward thinking on the part of the judge since Oracle lost the case and is now strapped with paying what is believed to be upwards of $300,000, the result of being dragged through the courts multiple times.

source: DocStoc

  • D554228

    $300,00, ? How much is that?

    • Guz

      mi nuh know

    • Nasry Al-Haddad

      It is $300,000. I read it elsewhere, don’t remember the source.

    • jsirianni7

      Going to chalk that one up to a Word Press bug.  I edited that myself and corrected however, WP thought it wasn’t good enough to save the revision :)  Ahh, the tools we work with.  Thanks for the catch :)

    • technically, that’s like $300 in Canada :P

  • buckhunter

    Its about time. Maybe if apple had to pay all of the legal fees over the stupid crap they keep doing this shit would stop.

  • it isn’t all of google’s legal fees.  Just the fees associated with Dr Cockburn’s report