Oracle Has Its Sights Set On A New Target, Slaps Lawsuit On Lodsys


Oracle has its sights set on a new target now that it quickly found it was no match for Google. It has decided to go after patent troll and bully Lodsys by seeking invalidation of four of Lodsys’ patents. Here’s the quick rundown of Lodsys: the company has been harassing developers of all types for the last few years by either suing them or offering quick and demeaning small settlements. Developers generally figured it would be easier to settle, rather than go out through a costly and exhausting legal battle. However, the same developers who were bullied eventually went to Google and asked for some help regarding this. Google filed a report for reexamination back in August 2011 seeking to invalidate two specific patents: “078” and “565”. Generally speaking, if the patents were found invalid, then Lodsys would have no patents and thus, nothing to sue for. The catch to this process is it takes an incredibly long time to go through the process and both Lodsys as well as developers almost always settle before the process is complete.

So what does this have to do with Oracle? Well there is the notion that Oracle is trying to make a few things right away since it lost to Google. You see, like Google-based developers, Oracle developers have also been sued by Lodsys in the past. Seeing that it can at least salvage something from the Google loss, Oracle has decided to sue Lodsys for you guessed it— seeking to invalidate patents. The difference between Oracle’s action against Lodsys and Google’s previous action? Well— this is a lawsuit. This means if Lodsys is found guilty, you can bet Lodsys will be liable for any and all damages including legal fees and additional costs.

Ladies and gents, let the next chapter of the lawsuit games begin.

source: Android Police

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