ViewSonic Teases 22-Inch ‘Smart Business Tablet Monitor’

If you thought Toshiba’s 13-inch AT330 was huge, wait until you get a load of this. ViewSonic just issued a teaser image containing what could eventually be the largest Android tablet on the face of the earth. I say eventually because at this point it’s just a prototype but if it ever makes it to production this won’t be the tablet you so effortlessly lug around in your backpack every day. As part of ViewSonic’s “Touch and Connect” series prototypes, this 22-inch “smart business tablet monitor” runs Android ICS, but will also be offered in a less appealing Windows 8 version.

Set to debut on June 5th at Computex in Taipei, this behemoth of a tablet is said to be unveiled alongside a few other tablet monitors, a new cloud storage solution, and other high-tech ViewSonic gadgets. No pricing or availability has been suggested although you can expect more details in the coming weeks.

source: Engadget

  • HandyGeek

    I guess this would really be a portable workstation tablet, expected to be deployed and fixed, but readily redeployed.

    Looks like a natural for temporary job worksites and disaster response command centers.

  • jayray78

    Forget using it as a tablet, its a touch TV. My kids would love this.

  • HandyGeek

    If it is indeed a “smart business tablet monitor” and “runs Android ICS” it should be much more versatile than a “touch TV”.

    Besides, our 16yr old is 6′ 4″ and 200+ lbs — that is a tablet-size for him!

    Seriously, it will be interesting to see more specs, I can think of more apps for such a device than merely a “touch TV”.

    If it has some horsepower under the hood I’d like to see it what it does with Tizen (once Tizen is deployed).