Hands on with Tech21 Impactology Cases and the orange goop that makes them so tough

I have to be honest folks. I never use cases on my any of my phones or tablets. It’s not that I never drop them, I just hate the bulk so I take my chances. I do have to say that after seeing this demo with Tech21, this is the case for me. It simply is the toughest case around. I actually met with them last night at CTIA, but it was so loud that I decided to set up a private meeting this morning so I could get a proper demo. These cases are the only ones in the world that have impact fabric in them. What is that impact fabric? It’s an orange goop-like substance that’s called D3O. It’s a little bit like Play Doh, but a lot tougher. Trust me. You will see CEO Jason Roberts try to injure his finger with a mallet. Will D30 protect him?

Check out the hands on after the break.

All T-Mobile cases have this technology in them and look forward to more retailers soon. They are  also working on a waterproof case as well.

  • Alonsothepanda

    He didn’t turn it on…

    • Justin

      lol thats because he killed it.

  • Mei

    Case looks thin and effective. Will buy one if it looks good on my new upcoming phone. xD

  • We need to get this all over the walls and see what happens. For science.

  • gelopsycho

    great tech! hope you guys make cases for dslr. I dont mind it getting bulkier as long as it saves my camera. Thanks! great tech!!

  • anonymous

    should at at least show if the phone’s still working..