Multicon Widget adds Wifi on/off support

We told you about Multicon about a week ago (you know, the one that plays nice with the S2 Calendar widget) and it’s received a few minor updates. Well today an update was released that naturally had a few bug fixes, but adds the ability to add Wifi on/off into the widget itself.

When you view the widget in the Android Market, the developer says he’ll add more features like the WiFi on/off if it works. I’m not sure what devices it doesn’t work on, but it works fine on my Captivate and Nexus One.

If you have the newest version and aren’t sure how to add the WiFi on/off feature, make sure you click the “other” button, when in manager mode for the widget. Once there you’ll see the WiFi on/off  button.

Do you use Multicon? Grab the new version and add the WiFi on/off shortcut and let us know if it works.