LG Announces Optimus LTE2 With 2GB RAM And True HD IPS Display

Samsung was not the only one with an announcement today. LG was bold enough to steal a bit of the spotlight with the Optimus LTE2. What’s so special about this handset? How about a full 2GB of RAM? This is a smartphone first. Combine that with LG’s True HD IPS display, wireless charging, Ice Cream Sandwich, and a juicy 2,150mAh battery, and you have the start of a spec sheet to be proud of.

No news on what CPU will be included, but considering all that’s coming out these days, we’re willing to bet it will be something comparable to a Tegra 3 or Snapdragon S4. The Optimus LTE2 is coming to at least three Korean carriers sometime this month. No pricing has been announced yet, nor do we know availability in other countries besides Korea.

Full translated press release after the break.

LG Electronics, strategies smartphone Optimus LTE2 ‘public


  • 5 domestic carrier, three four mid-May launch 
  • The maximum capacity of Korea’s first 2GB of RAM (RAM) equipped
    – Up to twice Tablet PC, notebook PC and a comparable dose levels 
  • LTE optimized smartphones
    – Chip (chip tongsinchip + AP) mount chip-to-chip enhanced power efficiency, reduced current consumption
    – 2,150 mAh battery capacity up to 4 inchidae domestic adoption
    – “Optimus LTE ‘more than 40% increase in battery life compared to
    – A line that does not require support for a wireless charging method 
  • Renal smart camera
    – Voice recording, taimmeosinsyat

LTE smartphones on the 4th strategy, LG Electronics ‘Optimus LTE 2’ unveiled a surprise. From mid-May, LG Electronics Corp through three domestic telecommunications carrier, plans to launch this product.

“Optimus LTE2 ‘existing LTE smartphones biggest complaints of users optional products to dramatically improve the reliability and power efficiency to provide optimal user experience LTE.

“Optimus LTE2 ‘maximum capacity of the nation’s first 2GB of RAM (RAM) was equipped with. It’s two times the Notebook PC and Tablet PC with a similar level, the largest of the domestic smartphone. A large amount of RAM even with multiple applications at the same time high stability of the system.

“Optimus LTE 2 ‘to combine the communications chip chip-chip and the AP has adopted. Accordingly, the thickness is reduced by half the number of chips is reduced and is advantageous in terms of space efficiency. The chip reduces the current consumption characteristics of the domestic products inchidae handeda 4 adults maximum of 2,150 mAh capacity battery mount to the existing “Optimus LTE ‘compared with more than 40% of the time increased. Single-chip, high-capacity battery by applying Internet seems to be watching movies or even worry about the battery has been reduced. In addition, the “Optimus LTE 2 ‘True HD IPS display is mounted on a white background by adopting the UI, the UI on Black View more comfortable, but also minimizes the power consumption to maximize battery efficiency was

“Optimus Vu: (view) which was applied the first ‘kwikmemo’ was also equipped with features. This separate note on the application’s startup screen easily and quickly without any notes are available.

“Optimus LTE 2 ‘to support the wireless charging scheme. Wireless charging pad “Optimus LTE2 ‘charge is to make sure a place. Enough to work. Became a hand with two hands. World Association of Wireless Charging (WPC) to adopt a standard way, if a wireless charging pad can be charged, regardless of manufacturer.

Smart camera is too strong. Camera ‘taimmeosinsyat’ function to put the button before pressing the screen to chapter 5 in 1 second to capture the moment. Without pressing the camera button Kimchi said, ‘being taken’ voice recognition recording ‘feature was first applied to the LG phone. In addition, the recording button, and then directly without waiting time and then the ability to take a picture of the company said.

“Optimus LTE2 ‘LG Electronics of Korea launched the first Android smartphone operating system 4.0’ ice cream sandwich the tapjaedwae excellent multi-tasking. The LG’s approach to user experience (UI) by applying face recognition to unlock widgets, resizing, and more convenient folder management capabilities were.

MC Jong – Seok, vice president of LG Electronics Business Division, “” Optimus LTE2 ‘the’ LTE = LG ‘formula will be strengthened global strategic product, “said” to accelerate the reconstruction of a daimyo phone spearhead will assume the role faithfully, “he said.

source: lgnewsroom (translated)

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  • Really eager for that Renal smart camera!