eBuddy Android Application Now Available

eBuddy, the popular instant messaging utility is now available to download free from the Android Market.

The application allows users to easily communicate across a wide variety of third-party platforms including Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ and more.

The eBuddy Android app doesn’t currently include support for Skype chat, although that functionality is apparently being looked into by the company.

[via eBuddy.com + TechCrunch.com]

  • dman44

    just checked it out…..FAIL FAIL FAIL…LOTS BETTER APPS…didn’t even try because they want you to make an ebuddy account……to login and link to my im logins??? no thanks, pass…at least its free though…

  • missshyntoday

    great great application, works very well and creating an accont is easy thou get it !!!

  • i have nokia 5800 and i want e-budyy anaroid in my set i connect to the anaroid market and found the details for e-buddy anaroid but where should i click because here is no bar to be download please help me

  • Tina

    I love this application. Will love it more when it adds skype IMs… works well… the creating of an account is so no big deal it’s not even funny.

  • Alex

    In 1 of the pics it shows ‘Angelique’ having a display picture… I have the eBuddy app, how do u set a display pic on it?

  • Ameer

    well i cannt find the download button plus i really hate andriod nw why should i use the barcode reader and stuf like that why dont download in the easy way like normal phones plus andriod market is not avalible in many countries like egypt ( where i live)
    need help plz