Sony Tablet S Gets Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

If you own a Sony Tablet S, you’re in for a sweet chocolaty treat. Yes, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is now available through an over-the-air update! This will come with all the ICS goodies we’ve come to know and love, including panoramic camera mode, drag and drop creation of folders on your home screens, native screen capture, and more. Sony has also added their own “Small Apps” for multitasking, which include a calculator, browser, and remote control.

Check out some of these features in action in the video after the break.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, hit up the source link below.

source: sony blog




  • Kon

    The screen still only rotates three ways.  That was the one upgrade I wanted, and Sony botched it.

  • Sharif Anani

    I cannot update , not getting the prompt and when I go to settings it says system is up to date

  • Darkcobalt

    When I read the story I was really excited, but no update was available outside of the US it seems.  Now I am happy to report in Canada we just got the update yesterday. 

  • Grzegorz Jastrzębski

    Updated to ICS yesterday
    Screen capture doesn’t work ;( when I press power and volume nothing happens.

    • Mod2k11

      Are you pressing the down volume key?

  • Jtmmeijer

    Works fine but,,,,,,, wifi lost after some minutes doing well, some times an hour until wifi linksys, the Blue one, is restarted. What to do now?£other devices, i pad and motorola duffy works still ok.

  • mic

    I bought my tablet, I am afraid if I update the flash player crashes due to the adobe anouncement, after 4.0 android is not supported