HTC no longer will bundle Beats headphones with future smartphones

In an attempt to separate itself from the many Android manufacturers, HTC’s latest partnership with Beats Electronics has developed the Beats Audio software making the music-listening experience much more enjoyable and customizable for a small amount of their current Android users. To help create awareness, HTC had decided to bundle Beats headphones with the purchase of certain HTC Android phones, such as the HTC Rezound. Now HTC’s Martin Fichter has stated to CNET that “an accessory like the headphone doesn’t factor in when someone is buying a smartphone.  If they want a Beats headphone, they’ll buy it directly.” In other words, for the time being HTC is no longer planning on providing Dr. Dre earmuffs with future Android offerings. This move will indeed be saving the company heaps of money and let’s face it, the majority of serious music listeners will most likely have already purchased some fancy cans of their own. Let’s not forget that HTC will still continue to support Beats Audio technology and incorporate it in their future handsets. Anyone bummed about this news? Will this really keep some of you from buying awesome phones like the Evo 4G LTE? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments below.

source: CNET

About the Author: Emily Aquin

Emily is a Canadian who now lives in Dallas, Texas. She came south of the border to pursue her violin career, and study at Indiana University, Bloomington. She continued her journey south to University of North Texas. Emily doesn’t like to admit that she was prancing around in her own little iPhone 3G bubble, until her husband decided it was time to wake up and join Google’s Rebel Alliance. She’s never looked back. She now spends countless hours playing with her Android phone and tablet. Emily plays violin in several orchestras in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and also teaches violin lessons. She is happy to be writing for TalkAndroid.

  • The Omega Man

    All smart phones should come with ear buds/mic at a minimum. This make the product, ready out of the box to be used for music or hands free phone calls.

  • Zsantiago79

    I love my EVO 3D, so I don’t care with or without I really want the HTC ONE X so I would buy this phone it really doesn’t matter.

  • Luis A Diaz Jr

    It won’t prevent me from buying it but if I’m considering the EVO and the S3…

  • Martin

    The reality is that most people don’t care/can’t tell the difference between good quality ear buds and the rubbish that companies like Apple bundle with their hardware.  The buds that were bundled with my Desire HD are surprisingly decent given their design.

    Beats branded products carry a fashion premium so people that actually care enough about sound quality to pay attention probably wouldn’t buy them anyway.

  • I think so.