Orbotix Gets Busy – Sphero Now in 96 Countries, New Apps Coming April

Orbotix has posted an end of March progress report and things are looking good. The company’s product, Sphero, has rolled its way into 95 new countries, in addition to the US, since shipping began last December. As a thank you for waiting patiently, Orbotix has offered a 10% discount on international orders using the code “GETROLLING.”

If you already have a Sphero, like me, there’s some cool news for you too. Two new apps are due in April. The first of these is called Chromo. It involves tilting the ball and matching colors in coordination with your smartphone. From the looks of it, the game resembles electronic Simon Says on steroids. Check it out in the video below.

The second app is called MacroLab and looks to offer some neat capability. This app essentially lets you “program” Sphero without any programming. Rather, you arrange a set of pre-made commands and then play them back. A demonstration of this can be seen in the following video.

Quite a large stride for this relatively small start-up. Have a Sphero roll your way today.

source: Sphero Blog
via: AndroidCentral 






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