Ubisoft to introduce cloud saving system into mobile games

Let me set the scene, as I’m sure it’s one that many of us have encountered on numerous occasions. You’ve spent a solid hour in the morning smashing your way through level after level on Angry Birds using your trusty Android tablet. Fast forward several hours and you’re sitting on the train on your way back from work and decide to kill some time, you whip out your Android phone to pick up where you left of. Or so you thought, all that hard work you put in hasn’t carried over to your phone meaning you’ve got to run through it all over again. Frustrating right? Well the team over at gaming powerhouse Ubisoft agree and have decided to do something about it.

Head of Digital at Ubisoft, Chris early told Pocket-lint “I think this is a huge issue and I personally can’t stand it where I have to do something over again. We have a cloud-based storage system for that data for you.” Chris also confirmed that Ubisoft’s forthcoming title Ghost Recon Commander will utilise cloud storage, allowing you to access your character on multiple platforms including Facebook, mobile and tablet devices.

It’s great to see Ubisoft address this issue and here’s hoping that other games developers follow the trend. Better yet, perhaps Google could help us out and bake cloud storage for mobile gaming into Google Drive.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

source : Pocket-lint

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    So say your phone crashes and or you have to wipe the device — this means that this cloud database keeps your game information for you?