Evernote update version 3.6 provides list of improvements

Among the many note apps available in the Google Play Store, Evernote is ranked as one of the best. Having received the status of “Editor’s Choice”, Evernote is a free app that allows users to make notes, take photos, create to-do-lists and record voice memos. To make things easier, it makes all of your notes searchable and accessible across all of the devices you use. Having just released an update to version 3.6, users can now enjoy these additional features:

  • Audio notes with speech to text transcription
  • Note list improvements, including larger thumbnails
  • Added ability to turn off auto-titling in app Settings
  • Adds “Explore Evernote” feature discovery on tablet devices
  • Improved legibility of the Settings screen
  • Major Evernote Widget updates

Hit up the Google Play Store link below to get these new features.



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