Google I/O Android Round-up, Android Keynote Video

google io androidThis week’s Google I/O developer event really opened with a bang as Google’s Engineering Director for Android, Steve Horowitz took to the stage to show us the latest Android prototype.

The last time Google showcased an Android prototype was back at CES and boy has it progressed. The user interface has been greatly improved, with a more glossy menu structure and intelligent pattern-based unlock screen. Additionally most of the GUI can be pulled, tapped and swiped, although at the post conference Q+A Horowitz stated that:

Android was built generically to work with a lot of different types of devices. We just happened to show demo with touch-screen, we could have shown one with track ball instead.

Various examples of the touch-screen interface include the ability to pull down the title bar to reveal missed calls or any new messages. Making shortcuts on the home screen is also incredibly easy, simply hold down your finger and follow through the contextual menus.

After a brief run through the user interface Horowitz moved on to demo a selection of applications, mainly Google’s Street View (with built-in compass), Google Maps and ofcourse Pac Man.

Here’s the full 7mins+ opening presentation by Steve Horowitz:

More photo’s from the event can be found here:

Google I/O Developer Event Opening Keynote

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