Google IO 2016 Coverage

ZTE just launched the new fan oriented Z-Community alongside an Axon 7 giveaway


ZTE is the fourth largest supplier of mobile phones in the United States, so I am sure many of you guys out there are huge ZTE fans. If you fall into this group then we have some pretty good news for you today! In addition to announcing the launching of its newest phone, the Axon 7, in Beijing today, it also announced the launching of a new community platform called Z-Community for the biggest fans of the brand.

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ZTE Axon 7 launched today in Beijing


Hoping to be the music to your ears that entices you to give their flagship a try, ZTE announced the launch of the ZTE Axon 7 today in Beijing. The device joins several other Snapdragon 820 powered smartphones representing the current slate of flagship devices from a variety of manufacturers. Despite a quality set of specs and hardware, ZTE is keeping the price of the phone at a mere $450. Read more

Addition of pressure sensitive touch to Android to be delayed


When Google released developer previews for the Android N update to their operating system, one of the items spotted in there was apparent support for pressure-sensitive touch. This would be similar to what Apple implemented with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With only days left before Google I/O 2016 and the expected official announcement of Android N, sources indicate Google has pulled this pressure-sensitive capability from the release. Read more

ZTE trade sanctions temporarily lifted by U.S.


After seeing itself slapped with restrictions on being able to buy components produced in the U.S., ZTE has earned a bit of a reprieve as the U.S. Commerce Department has announced they are temporarily lifting the sanctions that were put in place earlier this month. The Commerce Department indicates the move comes in response to ZTE’s cooperation with the U.S. government in dealing with the original trade issue, although Commerce reserves the right to re-institute the restrictions at a later time if deemed necessary. Read more