ZTE trade sanctions temporarily lifted by U.S.


After seeing itself slapped with restrictions on being able to buy components produced in the U.S., ZTE has earned a bit of a reprieve as the U.S. Commerce Department has announced they are temporarily lifting the sanctions that were put in place earlier this month. The Commerce Department indicates the move comes in response to ZTE’s cooperation with the U.S. government in dealing with the original trade issue, although Commerce reserves the right to re-institute the restrictions at a later time if deemed necessary. Read more

ZTE will soon be restricted from purchasing components made in the US

ZTE_company_logoZTE is in hot water with the US Commerce Department after agreeing to sell parts and components from major US companies to Iran’s biggest telecom, and the company will likely have a hard time securing any US-made parts in the near future. A new export restriction will be placed on Tuesday that will effectively eliminate any other company’s ability to sell to ZTE. Read more

ZTE is also holding an MWC 2016 event on February 21


This Sunday, Samsung and LG will headline one of the biggest days of the year as the two companies prepare to introduce their 2016 flagships — the Galaxy S7 and G5, respectively. But they won’t be the only ones hosting events on February 21. ZTE has announced its MWC 2016 event will also be held on the week before the trade show actually begins.

ZTE says the theme for the event will be “the Enabler of mobile internet (M-ICT).” The company will introduce 5G-ready products, smart devices, and phones and tablets from the ZTE and Axon brands.

The event will be held at 10:30AM ET on Sunday, February 21.

Source: ZTE