Google Now officially releases widget, new partners, options


Google announced a new update to Google Now today, including the availability of a widget for home and lockscreens, a function we first spotted yesterday. The widget is not the only new feature included in this update, the fourth released since Google Now was launched. Google has incorporated Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings on the Movie cards to help you make a decision about what movie to go see. Support for Fandago is included so users can pull up their ticket to be scanned at the movie theater. Combined with Google Now’s trip estimating function, you can even get a reminder about when to leave for the theater so you don’t miss the previews. Read more listings now on Zillow Android app, one of the leading real estate websites, is now going to have its listings featured on the Zillow mobile application. currently features over 90,000 managed apartment listings, and the Zillow mobile app has received 2 million downloads to date from Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices. has a monthly visitor base of over 12 million, which will greatly increase the visibility of listings. ¬†Also, the increasing popularity of smartphones and mobile applications will increase the site’s reach even further.

Check out the full press release below.

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