YouTube adding easier URL switching for larger YouTube accounts


It is probably a dream of most YouTube content creators to build an empire of fans who regularly check a channel for the latest video to be released. To reach that point though, virtually everyone has to start from scratch with no fans. The problem is the creative process can take many different turns and where a user may start a YouTube with one name, over time that can change to something else. Until now, getting a new custom URL changed meant starting a new channel and hoping your followers find their way to it or living with the old name. YouTube announced yesterday that they are changing that to make it a little easier, at least for larger accounts.
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YouTube releases invites to Music Key Beta


Following up on the release of an update to the YouTube app on Android this week that added access to the new Music Key service, Google is now issuing invites for people to be part of a Beta of the paid version of the service. Although some thought Google Music All Access subscribers would be the first users to get invites to the Beta program, it appears Google is spreading the invites around to other YouTube users.
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YouTube Android app updated with new music tab [Updated with APK download]

youtube-logo_9339Google’s YouTube app for Android has been updated, coinciding with the launch of their new music streaming service. The new update adds a new tab to the interface labeled “Music,” which gives you mixes based on your listening history and preferences. There are also playlist recommendations, ranging from pre-made playlists to personalized playlists based on your history. 

You can check out the updated app by downloading from the link past the break.

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YouTube music service said to be weeks away


I know it’s starting to sound like a broken record, but it’s being reported yet again that the YouTube music service is very close. According to the Financial Times, YouTube had been trying to close a deal with Merlin, a group that represents 20,000 indie music labels. After making offers as far back as June, YouTube finally sealed the deal.

It’s still very unclear what YouTube is going to offer as far as a music service goes. How does it fit in with Play Music? Hopefully we will find out soon enough.

source: Financial Times
via: Engadget

YouTube for Android TV listed in Google Play Store


Amongst all the excitement this week over the release of the Nexus 9 tablet from Google, there is another device that should start landing in consumers’ homes soon. Android TV is Google latest effort to break into the set top box market after their Google TV effort failed and the Nexus Player is the first entrant for this new platform. Unfortunately, the Google Play Store lists shipping as 2-3 weeks away for new orders. Despite that delay, Google is working to streamline the process for apps intended for the platform to get approval for distribution. One app that is now ready and available in the Google Play Store is the company’s own video platform, YouTube.
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YouTube WatchMe for Android project brings YouTube live streaming to Android apps


YouTube announced the WatchMe for Android project that allows developers to integrate YouTube live streaming into their Android apps. It’s already being utilized by HTC with the Re and Sony with the Live on YouTube app.

It’s an open-source project that uses the YouTube Data API v3, YouTube Live Streaming API, Google Play Services, and Plus API. It’s available on Github and can be customized. It’s still experimental, but you can make sure to keep up with the progress if you subscribe to the YouTube for Developers channel.

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