Samsung shows off the Galaxy S6’s power management features in new promo video


Earlier today, Samsung took to its official YouTube channel in order to share a new promotional video for its recently-launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. In the short clip, the South Korean company highlights three of the device’s best power management features — Fast Charging, Wireless Charging and Ultra Power Saving Mode. It then goes on to call it the “smartphone of your dreams.”

Check it out after the break.

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Retirement of old API results in Google TV versions 1 & 2 losing access to YouTube app


YouTube is an app that many of us take for granted, it seems to be available on virtually every electronic device from smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles and smart televisions. According to an updated support document, though, the range of supported devices will shrink a little from the end of April thanks to the retirement of YouTube’s old Data API.

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Google served with complaint regarding deceptive ads on YouTube Kids


Various advocacy groups are coming together in an effort to get the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the possibility of deceptive advertisements being placed on YouTube Kids. The complaint submitted to the FTC points out that Google has neglected to define a difference between advertisements and user-generated content from the service itself. Also, spacing between videos and advertisements is nonexistent.

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YouTube now supports 4K video at 60fps


A few months ago, YouTube enabled its publishers to upload 4K videos to its platform and as if that wasn’t enough, Google has today announced the launch of a new streaming version, called 4K Ultra HD, which essentially combines the 4K resolution (3840×2160) with 60 frames-per-second video playback to create the smoothest possible viewing experience. 

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YouTube preparing to get back in the game with live streaming platform


According to a new report, Google is preparing to relaunch its live stream platform with a focus on live gaming events and sporting events. Google sort of tried this once before with their YouTube Live service when they attempted to purchase Twitch for $1 billion. That deal fell through amidst claims of “antitrust concerns.” Since then, Twitch has gone on to achieve success in the market, with the backing of Amazon, while YouTube Live became an “also ran.” Now, Google appears to be ready to give it another go based on reports that internal resources are being committed to the initiative. Read more

Google’s interactive cards head to YouTube videos


Interactive cards are a recurring feature among various apps and services produced by Google. They offer more information at a glance than almost any other alternative. Google Now uses these cards to spread apart content and suggestions. Play Movies & TV displays them for a quick look at information regarding the film/show, actor, director, and other items. Since they are so useful, the interactive cards are being made available to content creators on YouTube.

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