Here’s what happens when a professional drone operator uses a Moto X to shoot in 4K


Motorola’s Moto X (2014) features one of the best cameras on the market to date, and the Lenovo-owned company has certainly chosen a particularly interesting way to showcase its capabilities. Earlier today, Motorola Mobility took to YouTube to demonstrate to the world just how powerful the handset’s shooter is by flying it around San Francisco attached to a drone. The result is pretty astonishing.

Hit the break below to see for yourself.

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YouTube stars receiving bonuses in wake of competitors’ wooing


As rival online video services kick it into high gear, Google’s YouTube unit is pushing to lock up its top stars. This is happening in the wake of both Facebook and video start-up Vessel courting YouTube stars in hopes that they’ll move away from YouTube’s platform. This courting is forcing Google and YouTube to offer top videomakers bounses if they sign multi-year deals where they agree to post content exclusively on YouTube for a period of time before putting it on another service. But that’s not all.

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YouTube adding easier URL switching for larger YouTube accounts


It is probably a dream of most YouTube content creators to build an empire of fans who regularly check a channel for the latest video to be released. To reach that point though, virtually everyone has to start from scratch with no fans. The problem is the creative process can take many different turns and where a user may start a YouTube with one name, over time that can change to something else. Until now, getting a new custom URL changed meant starting a new channel and hoping your followers find their way to it or living with the old name. YouTube announced yesterday that they are changing that to make it a little easier, at least for larger accounts.
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YouTube releases invites to Music Key Beta


Following up on the release of an update to the YouTube app on Android this week that added access to the new Music Key service, Google is now issuing invites for people to be part of a Beta of the paid version of the service. Although some thought Google Music All Access subscribers would be the first users to get invites to the Beta program, it appears Google is spreading the invites around to other YouTube users.
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