Google adding logo branding to app splash screens on Android

2015-06-29 22.10.29Google has added an interesting tweak to their current crop of Android apps; splash screens with the Google logo. If you’ve updated and used some of Google’s Android apps lately, you may have noticed a brief splash screen upon opening the apps. The screen is simple, displaying the app’s logo and Google’s brand logo at the bottom, but it definitely creates a slight delay when opening the app. That’s not a good thing.

Most of us want our apps to open as quickly as possible, but Google wants to give themselves and other developers a chance to push some brand recognition. They’ve even changed Android’s app developer guidelines to suggest making a brief splash screen while an app initializes, recommending a concise logo or tagline without flooding the screen with too much text. Read more

Google Announces YouTube Newswire to Sift the Wheat from the Chaff

YouTube Newswire

YouTube is full of chaff. Full of it. Don’t believe me? Look here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Much of that chaff comes in the form of ad hoc first-person video journalism. There is tremendous value in curating legitimate user-generated content, but with over 5 million hours spent every day on YouTube watching news, it becomes increasingly difficult to verify the legitimacy of a source. We often see more hoaxes than we do legitimate content. Thanks for that, Jimmy Kimmel.

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YouTube Gaming to be lauched this summer


Don’t we all have days when we spend hours watching YouTube videos and doing little else? Well, things are just getting better, especially for gamers, as YouTube Gaming is being launched this summer. Striving to become the largest gaming community online, YouTube Gaming will show you videos and live streams related to your favourite video games, players and game publishers on a single platform.

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Cardboard 2015, Google JUMPs into Expeditions with GoPro this summer


Google Cardboard, the Mountain View company’s headset that brings virtual reality straight to the consumer at an affordable price, is set to get some major additions to the product as early as this summer.

Today at Google I/O 2015, Google showed us what all they have in store for us with Cardboard. From bringing the everyday photographer and adventurer the ability to shoot their own virtual reality movies from raw video with JUMP to teachers taking their students on virtual field trips with Expeditions, Google demonstrated just how serious they are about virtual reality. Read more

Google, Nestlé come together again to stamp YouTube’s name on 600,000 KitKat packages

Nestlegfgl_c30m9y80 [Converted]

The relationship between Google and Nestlé remains as strong as its ever been. Google released Android 4.4 in 2013 and applied the KitKat name, a product that Nestlé owns and licenses to Hershey in the United States. Now the two are back together to replace the KitKat name with YouTube’s on more than 600,000 packages in the United Kingdom. It is all part of Nestlé’s ‘Celebreate the Breakers Break’ campaign. Also, searching “YouTube my break” on a mobile device will return results with the top four videos trending from around the world. Google and Nestlé want people to make the most of their unused time.

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