YouTube Live Streams on Chromecast now available from the desktop

by Jeff Causey on
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Google has made a change to their YouTube platform so that users can now cast live videos to their Chromecast devices. This new feature only works when users are accessing YouTube using their desktop web browser where they will find the cast button now available on live streams. This capability is not yet enabled when using the YouTube app on a smartphone or tablet, but it seems like it should not take long for an update to roll out to enable this on mobile devices.

Google also recently changed the YouTube site to allow the casting of private YouTube videos. It appears that the only type of video that cannot be cast from YouTube are those where the publisher has not enabled viewing on mobile devices.

source: Android Police

YouTube’s subscription music service has been delayed…. again

by Justin Herrick on
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All the way back in October of 2013, we heard that YouTube was working on a subscription music service. At that time, it was believed that it was just a few months away from launching. But just two months after that report, it was delayed due to some disappointment with the overall product. That pushed the launch to early 2014. It is now April and there has been no chatter from YouTube on whether or not this service exists. Now it looks like YouTube has pushed its subscription music “debut to the second quarter or beyond,” according to Billboard. » Read the rest

YouTube for Google TV reappears in Play Store, features improved stability

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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YouTube update Google TV

The Play Store from Google TV had eliminated the YouTube app from its offerings last month, which seemed like a complete head-scratcher at the time.

As it turns out, Google wanted to spend some time working on fixing bugs in the app— the process was finally completed today.

Along with the return of the YouTube app comes improved stability and customizable closed captions.

Source: Android Police

Google knows the YouTube app has been crashing, and they’re working on a fix

by Jared Peters on
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Since updating some Google Now features, the YouTube application has been suffering some issues that are causing the app to crash on startup. It’s a weird situation, but Google is aware of it. They’ve worked out a fix that should solve almost all users errors, but if you’re still having problems getting your app to open, they recommend sitting tight and using the mobile version of YouTube in your browser until all of the bugs are completely ironed out, which hopefully shouldn’t be much longer.

Anybody experiencing YouTube glitches lately?

source: Google Product Forums

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YouTube 5.5.26 (accidental?) update brings Dogfooding menu

by Aditya Thawardas on
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YouTube_Dogfooding_VersionYouTube received an update today, but it isn’t the update you’re probably used to. Once you update, you’re going to get nothing new expect that the icon in the top leftt of the UI that has a bone inside. It symbplizes Google’s “dogfooding” program, or internal testing program, for those not familiar with the term. The program brings a menu with ExoPlayer options inside. Not quite sure what exactly the options do, and there’s a good chance this update was sent out mistakenly.

The update brings YouTube to version 5.5.26. It doesn’t seem like there are any other functional changes, but if we find something, we’ll be sure to let you know. Find a download link past the break to push the update to your device, if you haven’t yet received it.

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Review video for upcoming ‘all new HTC One’ appears on YouTube, later pulled by user [Updated]

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Last week a video revealing the all new HTC One appeared on YouTube— it wasn’t the best review, but it showed the device in all its glory. This made some HTC execs unhappy, which caused him to later pull the video off of YouTube. Although some have downloaded the video’s content and posted it elsewhere, many are still looking for more information on the new device.

A new video, posted by another user, appeared on YouTube yesterday. It was a minute and 30 seconds long, and didn’t share any of the specs. The person shooting the video stated, “I’ll wait for HTC to do that.” The video was dark and grainy and didn’t really give any information that we don’t already know, so it’s not really worth watching. Either way, the video was recently pulled off of YouTube by the user.

Update: As expected, a few other people downloaded the video before it was pulled and re-uploaded it. We have the original video after the break.

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Casting HTML5 video added to Chrome Beta for Android

by Jeff Causey on
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As more and more apps add casting capability so users can enjoy their apps with Chromecast devices, this latest development may be useful for users needing a more general capability. Google has added the ability to cast YouTube videos from within the Chrome Beta for Android browser without opening the dedicated YouTube app. Testing shows that it kind of works with other HTML5 videos. » Read the rest

Youtube has a new, cleaner interface

by Aditya Thawardas on
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youtube_layoutYouTube announced that they are in the process of rolling out some changes to their video network’s interface that will help users navigate the site more easily. The layout is center aligned, the header is sticky, and the guide sidebar is now a “hamburger”-Android-style menu that includes your playlists, subscriptions and more.

Playlists also take more of a presence in the new layout, with your guide now featuring all of the playlists that you have created, as well as playlists from other channels you have liked.

Source: Google System Blog

Google adds Chromecast support to most embedded YouTube videos

by Jared Peters on
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The latest trick Google’s Chromecast has learned is going to be pretty handy if you like to watch videos outside of the main YouTube website. Google has previously tested casting embedded videos on websites, but now it looks like the feature has been rolled out to all users and devices for “most” embedded videos.

This new feature will allow you to cast any video that’s embedded on a website, so long as its hosted on YouTube. Considering YouTube’s popularity, that covers a decent chunk of the internet.

It’s not a major new addition, but it’s another bullet point on a growing list of things the Chromecast can do.

source: Google

via: Android Police