YouTube will now play vertical videos in full screen portrait orientation

youtube-logo_9339If you are filming something ALWAYS remember to turn your phone sideways into landscape mode to give a proper 16:9 picture ratio. This way the video will look good on mobile devices, computers, TV screens, literally anywhere. However with the introduction of cameras on phones many people forget to do this which results in horrible to watch vertical videos. However things are about to change for the better.

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YouTube’s upcoming paid video streaming service already has licensing deals with 90% of viewership

YouTube_LogoGoogle is hard at work trying to roll all kinds of content into its YouTube streaming service. We already have Music Key, and a service dedicated to video game streaming is still in the pipeline. There are still rumors of an upcoming paid video streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon, though, and some new details have emerged about progress on that service today. Read more

Here’s what it looks like when Pepsi gets dumped onto the Galaxy S6


There seems to be a lot of content creators on YouTube breaking phones and earning thousands of views for doing so. The latest expample is adrianisen creating a video where he puts a Samsung Galaxy S6 into a container and pours a bottle of Pepsi on it. Why Pepsi? He says he has already done a test with Coke, so now it only makes sense to do so with the competition.

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Android Wear gets a YouTube app, complete with Chromecast support

android wear youtube 1Android Wear apps are growing pretty rapidly, and a new app has hit the Play Store that will let you watch YouTube videos right on your wrist. The app is appropriately called Video for Android Wear & YouTube and will stream YouTube videos right to your Android Wear smartwatch. I’m not sure I’d really enjoy watching anything on a tiny watch-sized screen, but hey, options are cool. Read more

YouTube mobile app now supports 60fps video


Mobile device users looking for the smooth video performance of high frame rate videos will be glad to know that Google is bringing support for 60fps video to the YouTube app on both Android and iOS. Support for HFR video has slowly been added to the YouTube ecosystem, starting with the addition on the desktop last fall. This May YouTube added support for HFR to their live streaming service. The next step in the expansion of HFR support was announced yesterday by the YouTube Creators team as support will now be included in the YouTube app on mobile devices.

source: YouTube Creators (Google+)
via: Engadget