YouTube backing content creators by paying fees against copyright takedowns

youtube_live_logoWe’ve all seen cases of YouTube videos getting taken down over copyright claims, and sometimes those claims are a little outlandish and unfair to the content creator. Obviously YouTube doesn’t condone piracy, but sometimes those claims can take down perfectly legitimate, fair use cases of content. That kind of thing hurts YouTube more than it helps, so the site is planning on backing up some of its content creators if they happen to face any legal action over these copyright takedowns. Read more

The YouTube Kids app launches in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK

YouTube_Kids_TA (1)

Just in time for all the kids receiving smartphones and tablets as Christmas presents next month, YouTube’s kid-friendly app has launched in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. The YouTube Kids app offers a selection of filters for parents to choose from to shield adult or inappropriate content from being seen by the little ones.  Read more

Google Play Games enables recording and sharing of game action


I remember a time in the past when it was frowned upon to post videos of gaming action forcing users to find a variety of workarounds. Things have changed though and now over 144 billion minutes of live game streams and recording activity are viewed on YouTube each month. Google appears to have figured out that instead of fighting against the current of mainstream culture, they should take advantage of it and hop on board. Today they announced a new feature for the Google Play Games app that will enable users to record and share gaming moments along with commentary. Read more

YouTube Red is now live and ready for you to try out

YT Red

YouTube’s new YouTube Red premium subscription service is now live and ready for users to sign up for a free one-month trial. Once the trial is over, users can continue to access the premium service for $9.99 per month. YouTube Red provides three main benefits for subscribers including ad-free videos, the ability to save content for offline viewing and listening, and the ability to keep videos playing while using other apps or even with the screen turned off. YouTube Red is connected to a user account, so you can access the service and enjoy the benefits from any device. Read more

YouTube tries to explain selection of ‘Red’ for new service

YT Red

YouTube launched their new subscription service yesterday, called YouTube Red, and almost immediately the name started drawing some virtual side-eye looks from around the web. For those who have paid attention to the search results when they accidentally searched on the wrong term, there is another video service out there called RedTube that is dedicated to porn videos. YouTube appears to be playing a dangerous game in selecting a name so similar to a porn site for their own premium video service. Read more

Using Google Cardboard to watch 360-degree videos on YouTube


Google announced 360-degree videos for YouTube a few months ago along with Cardboard support. What this means is you can now watch certain videos in a 360-degree setting or have a 3D experience with a VR headset, all from within the standard YouTube app.

The setup is quite easy and anyone can experience it right away. The most important thing to remember is this done through the YouTube app on your phone.

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