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YouMail App Aims To Make Voicemail Services A Little “Smarter”


As we approach 2013, we are seeing the adoption newer technologies such as visual voicemail service. As the most well-known and popular option, Google Voice arrived with immediate fanfare a few years ago and brought with it the transcriptions of messages to the mainstream public. While Google Voice is away and by far the most popular, it does seem a bit limited to a certain extent for some users, so it’s only natural that different alternatives surface. With that in mind— YouMail aims to make receiving voicemail and transcriptions of voicemails just a little bit… “smarter” than other offerings from services like Google Voice.

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YouMail Update Includes One-Click Unwanted Call Blocking

Unsolicited, unwanted calls. We all get them. They are the spam of voice calls. If you use Google Voice, you can already block unwanted calls, but not everyone wants to port their number to GV. For those folks, there’s YouMail, a visual voicemail app that can use your own phone number as long as you forward unanswered calls to their service.

Today, YouMail has announced that the new versions of both their apps, YouMail and WhoAreYou, now support one-click blocking of calls from unwanted numbers. Blocking a number causes calls from that number to no longer be visible or ring the phone. On top of that, blocked callers will not be able to leave a message, and they receive a greeting that states the number is out of service. Out of service numbers tend to get removed from spammer call lists. Bonus!

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YouMail gets funding after hitting 1 billion calls

YouMail just announced that it has answered more than 1 billion phone calls for its users, of which, 500 million has been handled since September 2010. YouMail is compatible with Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry as well third-party apps that bring the company’s Visual Voicemail Plus service to Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile 6.5, and WebOS.

I’m proud to say this call-volume milestone means that our Visual Voicemail Plus service has answered the phone on behalf of our users more than a billion times,” said YouMail CEO¬†Alex Quilici. “And it’s all driven by consumer demand for feature-rich voicemail on their smartphones from a provider that treats callers well, and lets users have complete control over their voicemail.”

YouMail will continue to launch additional applications, expand the platform, and accelerate growth of Visual Voicemail Plus thanks to some additional funding by VantagePoint Capital Partners, Siemer Ventures, and Tech Coast Angels. Total equity and debt financing since 2007 is now at $12.5 million.

This funding will help us leverage our platform and our growing user base to rapidly deploy additional applications and grow significant market share in the smartphone communications app market,” Quilici said.

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