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Samsung ramping up flexible display production capability


According to Chinese web site LED Wealth Network, Samsung has started work to scale up capacity at their A3 plant producing flexible displays. Samsung appears to be investing at least 2 Trillion won ($1.9B USD) in the current phase with a possible expansion to a total 6 Trillion won ($5.7B USD) investment on additional phases. According to the reports, Samsung hopes to have the plant operating at new capacity before the end of 2014, pointing the way toward flexible displays possibly being incorporated into the Galaxy S 6 or Galaxy Note 5 during 2015. Read more

Flexible Batteries Promise Thinner And Lighter Electronics


Flexible electronics that can be mildly-bended seems to be part of the future in mobile devices. A couple of months back, we reported on Samsung trademarking “Youm” for their flexible AMOLED displays. It’s no secret that Samsung has been working on flexible screens for quite some time now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if other companies are on the same track. Flexible devices are now just one step closer as Keon Jae Lee at the Korean Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology has created a solid-state flexible battery that retains its energy level when folded or bended much like the flexible AMOLED displays.

As you can see from the video below, the battery is a thin film-like material that is being bent while its voltage output isn’t reduced. While this is huge progress for future flexible electronics, a timetable for widespread consumer use is still unknown and will probably stay that way for quite some time.

Either way, it’s new and something to be excited for, don’t you think? What do you guys think about flexible and bendable devices? It would certainly be nice to have a device that would be that durable. We’ll all have to be patient until this technology is perfected and ultimately comes into fruition.

You can watch the short video demonstrating the battery after the break.

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Samsung trademarks ‘Youm’ for their flexible AMOLED displays [Video]

Samsung has been teasing us with flexible displays for a few years now. We know they’re seeking a patent and we should see the first devices by next year. Now this incredible technology has a name – Youm. Youm is going to be a game changer. It’s going to be thinner, lighter, and unbreakable. It will feature a TFT film, Organix Layer Encap, and a Polariser. If you’re not convinced at how awesome this is going to be, you need to hit the break to see some cool videos and hit the source link to see some of the amazing concepts that Youm will bring.

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