Yahoo Mail tests anti-ad-blocker tool


In the ongoing battle between consumers, service providers and advertisers, some Yahoo Mail users found themselves in the middle of the crosshairs in a recent test of a new technology. According to reports, Yahoo Mail is blocking users accessing the system with Chrome or Firefox if they are also running ad-blocking extensions. A Yahoo spokesperson has confirmed that the company is testing this feature on some U.S. accounts. Read more

Yahoo’s News Digest app is now available for Android tablets

Yahoo News DigestYahoo’s popular News Digest app is now available for Android tablets. It’s basically the same as the mobile version only now on a large screen which makes reading more enjoyable. What makes it unique is it provides a summary of all important news twice a day, hence the “digest” name. Once in the morning and once at night, all the top stories are summarized and only the key information is shown.

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Gmail app gets Oauth support for Yahoo! and Microsoft mail accounts

Gmail-bannerGoogle’s Gmail app for Android has gotten some extra new security features that will be very important for those of you using a Yahoo! or Microsoft account. The new update brings Oauth support for both accounts, bringing the security of using those email addresses closer to what you’ll typically experience with Gmail.

Oauth allows users to take advantage of two-step authentication and Google’s account recovery process, both of which are staple security features in 2015. If you use either a Yahoo! or Microsoft mail account in your Gmail app, keep an eye out for this update over the next few days. Read more

Yahoo joins Fleksy Keyboard with new Search Extension


The expansion of Fleksy Keyboard continues due to a partnership between the application and a leader in the search engine industry. Through Yahoo, users of Fleksy Keyboard are able to perform searches from any app. The feature, called Search Extension powered by Yahoo, places a search bar above the keyboard for quick access.

Earlier this week, we learned that Fleksy Keyboard would be included as one of Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts featured on the upcoming Galaxy S 6.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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