Verizon may scoop up Yahoo to join AOL in content portfolio


Last week Verizon chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam appeared on CNBC and revealed the wireless carrier is interested in acquiring at least some assets from Yahoo. The revelation comes as Yahoo edges closer to the brink of failure. Last week Yahoo’s earnings report included language indicating the company was considering alternatives that many believe include selling assets or some type of merger deal. Verizon’s interest in Yahoo could be coming at a good time for Yahoo. Read more

Alphabet, other tech firms will engage community for Super Bowl 50


The NFL’s biggest event of the year, the Super Bowl, isn’t just about attracting millions of eyeballs in the United States and around the world. It’s much more than a giant spectacle on television. Hosting a Super Bowl means that a city and its surrounding areas will be flooded with visitors for a couple of days in early February. And this year it’s the San Francisco Bay Area’s turn to put together a week-long celebration as the NFL honors the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary. It only makes sense for the league to ask local giant businesses to sponsor and be advisers to the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Among the executives involved with the Super Bowl Host Committee are Alphabet SVP David Drummond, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. Each of their companies join Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SAP, Seagate, Uber, and Lyft as committee sponsors or partners.

Being a sponsor and adviser unsurprisingly means that these companies will be heavily involved in Super Bowl 50, especially Alphabet and Uber to combat inevitable congestion in the Bay Area.

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Yahoo Mail tests anti-ad-blocker tool


In the ongoing battle between consumers, service providers and advertisers, some Yahoo Mail users found themselves in the middle of the crosshairs in a recent test of a new technology. According to reports, Yahoo Mail is blocking users accessing the system with Chrome or Firefox if they are also running ad-blocking extensions. A Yahoo spokesperson has confirmed that the company is testing this feature on some U.S. accounts. Read more

Yahoo’s News Digest app is now available for Android tablets

Yahoo News DigestYahoo’s popular News Digest app is now available for Android tablets. It’s basically the same as the mobile version only now on a large screen which makes reading more enjoyable. What makes it unique is it provides a summary of all important news twice a day, hence the “digest” name. Once in the morning and once at night, all the top stories are summarized and only the key information is shown.

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