Yahoo app gets updated with access to digital magazines


YAHOO! continues to kill it in terms of design and content in their apps, and the Yahoo app just got better with the addition of digital magazines. You can now read Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Movies,Yahoo Beauty, and Yahoo Health all from within the app.

These digital mags feature elegant design and visual storytelling with distinct editorial voices from Bobbi Brown, Paula Froelich, and David Pogue. The Yahoo app has to be one of the go-to apps for one place stops for the latest news and weather. Are you using it? Hit the break for an animated GIF and download links.

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Yahoo working with Google to create encrypted email system


Google will not be alone in its quest to design an encrypted email system. Yahoo has announced it will be joining Google in doing so. The encrypted email system would be ready sometime next year and act as an optional, not mandatory, feature for users. Both companies would be able to bring privacy their more than 500 million combined users, a subject that has long been in question.
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Yahoo Finance gets redesigned with new interactive graphs and real-time quotes


If you need a new finance application to try, Yahoo Finance will probably get you hooked. Yahoo has completely redesigned the app to be much more appealing and intuitive. Users can now naturally interact with graphs to get more out of them rather than looking at a shallow piece of information. Also, Yahoo Finance is allowing users to add to a watchlist in order for real-time quotes and news to ticker in. As expected, users can make use of push notifications for breaking news regarding owned stocks. And it would not be a redesign without a user interface overhaul.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.
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Yahoo Aviate exits beta, open for everyone in the Play Store


Upon being purchased by Yahoo and staying in beta, Yahoo Aviate Launcher has been relaunched for anyone to install without an invitation. For the unaware, Yahoo Aviate is an adaptive launcher by organizing everything specifically for you after learning trends and preferences. It also works with your location and time of day to tailor the experience. In a way, Yahoo Aviate is a little bit like Google Now except for the fact that it is always actively displayed.

Hit the break for the introductory video, gallery, and download links.
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Yahoo News Digest released to the Play Store adding Canadian and International editions

yahoo_news_digest_screenshot_4 yahoo_news_digest_screenshot_5Yahoo News Digest was launched back in January, but it was only launched to the iPhone, and only in the US and UK. Well that’s now changed, with the release today of Yahoo News Digest to the Google Play Store. Not only that but it will also now be available in a Canadian and an International edition.

The app was built so that the widget would display the most recent digest for easy viewing. It also keeps track of the digests that you’ve read. Each morning and evening, the app will deliver summarized versions of the top news to the user. The International version of the news is compiled by editors in the US, UK and Malaysia. Hit the break for the Play Store download link and a gallery!

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Yahoo Screen released to Android


Yahoo Screen, Yahoo‘s video streaming service, was released to Android today. Yahoo is already offering an iOS version of the app, and today it was finally brought to Android.

The video streaming service puts a larger focus on small clips rather than full episodes, and it offers a mixture of comedy, sports and music. It even has some original programming. Yahoo Screen, for example, offers a huge backlog of Saturday Night Live sketches, all for free. Hit the break for screenshots and the Play Store download link.

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Flickr update introduces complete redesign

Flickr_Splash_BannerYahoo just released a new update to Flickr that completely overhauls the UI. With the new app you’ll be able to capture HD video and share it with Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter — no Google+… sad — while using flickr’s new filters and editing tools to enhance each photo. You’ll be able to change the color balance, contrast and saturation just to name a few. You’ll also be able to take advantage of following friends and world class photographers as well. For those of you who take tons of photos you’ll need not worry about space as everyone who has a Flickr account will receive almost a Terabyte of free storage.

You’ll also be able to manipulate a series of privacy settings to make your photos private or public, so those of you who are fearful of creeper Internet folk perusing your photos will need not have to worry. Hit the break for a gallery, QR code and download link. Enjoy!

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Yahoo Mail hacked: You should probably change your password

yahoo-mail-logoIf you use Yahoo Mail, you should probably change your password. Yahoo announced on its Tumblr blog yesterday that the mail service that they were on the receiving end of yet another hacking attempt recently. “Recently, we identified a coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts,” Yahoo said on the blog. “Upon discovery, we took immediate action to protect our users, prompting them to reset passwords on impacted accounts.”

Users who aren’t prompted with having to choose a new password, can rest assured that they’re accounts weren’t on the receiving end of this attack, but even as such, they should probably change their passwords anyway.

Yahoo is working with federal law enforcement to apprehend the hackers responsible. According to the company, this wasn’t an attack on Yahoo directly, but rather, through a third party database. “The information sought in the attack seems to be names and email addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent emails,” wrote Yahoo.

To prevent being a victim of a similar hacking attempt, users are reminded that they should regularly change their passwords and avoid using similar passwords on multiple sites. While this won’t make users immune to being hacked, it will make it more difficult for hackers to access their accounts.

source: Yahoo on Tumblr
via: BGR

Yahoo purchases developers of home screen launcher Aviate


Remember Aviate, that innovative home screen launcher replacement? Well, Yahoo has recently acquired the application and the developers. The app never left a private beta, so maybe this means Yahoo can fund its way to a full-fledged application. On the other hand, the last major Android app that Yahoo purchased, Astrid, has recently been shut down. Hopefully Aviate won’t suffer the same fate.

Yahoo has said that they plan to make Aviate a part of their core Android experience for the coming year. Time will tell how true that turns out to be.

source: Android Central