Sony Xperia Tablet S Gets Minor “release6a” Update


While the Sony Xperia Tablet S may just be getting over its physical defects, it is now getting some love thanks to a minor OTA update that is being pushed out to the tablet. This minor update dubbed “release6a” brings a major VPN fix to users who encountered issues trying to log onto corporate or enterprise networks. Sure the minor update still keeps the tablet on Android 4.0.3, but any update is better than no update, right?

If you own the tablet, be sure to head on down to your Settings and System Updates in order to grab the latest update immediately.

source: Xperia Blog

Sony Announces It Will Resume Production Of The Xperia Tablet S In Mid-November


You all remember how Sony had to abruptly halt the sales of its Xperia Tablet S models due to some wardrobe malfunctions? Well Sony Japan has confirmed that will resume production of the models by mid-November,  meaning we should see the tablet models back in retailers by the holiday season. In addition to that, Sony Japan has also confirmed that it is still honoring free inspections and repair service of the tablet models in most markets, so if you’re an owner and think you may be affected— you can take the tablet to a local Sony retailer and have the device inspected and/or repaired— free of charge.


source: Xperia Blog


Sony Provides Specific List Of Xperia Tablet S Serial Numbers Affected By Water Resistance Defect


It looks like we have an update to the Sony Xperia Tablet S fiasco. As stood before, all Sony mentioned is that there was approximately 100,000 tablet units that are affected by a water-resistance defect— though there was no way of confirming which tablets exactly were affected. However Sony UK and Sony US each have identified a means to pinpoint which exact tablet models are indeed affected. Both have released statements highlighting owners of the tablet can use the device’s serial number to see if it is part of the massive recall. For now, the specific Sony US units affected are:


  • SGPT121US/S
  • SGPT122US/S
  • SGPT123US/S
  • SGPT121US/MC
  • SGPT122US/KB


Sony UK hasn’t provided a list of what specific serial numbers are potentially affected, though it plans to release the full list “soon”.

source: Sony US | Sony UK

Sony halts sales of the Xperia Tablet S over lack of ‘water-resistance’, will fix already purchased units

The Xperia Tablet S launched only a month ago, but Sony has already halted sales. The tablet itself is supposed to be water resistant, but they found gaps between the screen and the case that would actually make the tabs susceptible to water damage. So far, there are about 100,000 units in the wild, but Sony said they will fix any and all of the tablets sold. As to when sales will start up again, nothing was announced.

source: reuters


Sony tears down its new Xperia Tablet S

Sony’s new Xperia Tablet S didn’t make the biggest splash at IFA 2012, though it was one of the first devices that was announced to actually start shipping. Today, however, the manufacturer has decided to give techies an in-depth look at its newest mobile hardware, opting to tear down the revamped Tablet S in front of a camera. To get a peek at the device’s impressive Tegra 3 processor, 1280 x 800 IPS display and 6,000 mAh battery, catch the full video after the break. Read more