Say Hello to the Ultimate Backup Tool that Doesn’t Require Root

If you currently own a rooted Android device, or flashed a custom ROM, chances are you’ve taken at least one nandroid based or titanium based backup of your system settings and application data. As you know, in order to take either of these backups, root access is required.

What about if you want to unlock your bootloader after you’ve been using your device for several months? Since it’s unlikely that you would already have root access, you were forced to lose this precious data.

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HTC One X Owners Reporting Another WiFi Issue, This Time Involving The Way The Phone Is Held

Another day, another set of WiFi issues plaguing the HTC One X smartphone. While one significant WiFi issue that plagued the smartphone was resolved, there is apparently a new and more significant WiFi problem affecting some owners of the smartphone. When the smartphone is held in a certain position, the device will lose much (if not all) of its WiFi signal strength. The widespread problem which has been first reported in XDA Forums, seems to affect the HT23 and HT24 models. There are a few solutions that have been identified as well. Users can either exchange their devices if they’re under warranty or if they’re not— they can always open their device and get everything taken care of the hard way. Naturally it’s recommended that owners try to hold off from doing the extreme as HTC is fully aware of this new issue and has its engineering teams working round the clock to get this fixed.

Here’s hoping HTC gets this resolved as soon as possible. Stay tuned with Talk Android as we will continue to provide updates for this developing saga.

source: XDA Forums

Early Adopters of the Galaxy Nexus Reporting Volume Rocker Issues

Uh oh, despite its popularity and overall great reviews, it looks like early adopters of the Galaxy Nexus are experiencing a wide spread problem with the phones volume and volume rocker. There are a couple of threads over in the XDA forums filling up as we speak regarding the issue. It’s not a problem with just a few GN’s, it appears to be more wide spread.

When trying to adjust the phones volume, people are experiencing erratic behavior of the volume dialog window going up and down, and in and out of vibrate. Based on general reports, this is mostly happening when in a 2G coverage area rather than 3G. I know it sounds weird to blame said issue on the phone’s radio but enough coroberating stories have led users to to think this is the cause. Check out the video below to see the problem in action. If you too are experiencing the same issue, hit one of the XDA source links below to get in on the discussion thread.

YouTube Preview Image

This is a real bummer for those experiencing the problem and here’s hoping Google finds an easy and timely fix. Maybe this is the time that we here in the states should actually be thankful for Verizon’s delayed launch. Who want’s a brand new buggy Galaxy Nexus?

[via XDA 1 2, AndroidPolice]


Transparent Market, GMail, and Facebook apps released courtesy of XDA

Some of us really dig our wallpapers, and customization is one of the biggest reasons we love Android. XDA forum members keep feeding this hunger. Recently XDA forum member deciple has posted a Transparent Market apk (2.3.4). This version of the market lets you see your current wallpaper when browsing for new apps.

Deciple has also made available Transparent GMail and Transparent Facebook, and it seems likely we will see more transparent versions of other Android apps.

Head on over to the XDA Forums for links and instructions or to join the discussion.

[via xda developers]