Microsoft’s Xbox team tweets Xbox news – from an Android device

Microsoft Xbox Twitter Android App

Microsoft’s Xbox team did what everyone would expect them to; they tweeted some information about Xbox gaming events. Normal, right? Well, apparently they handled all that tweeting from an Android device, using the official Android Twitter app. Oops.

There’s nothing wrong with using Android to handle your Twitter account. In fact, most of us here would approve of that. But it is a little odd that a major division of Microsoft, who heavily promotes Windows Phone and publicly tries to embarrass Google’s services, uses Android devices over Windows devices.

Microsoft has done other quirky things like this, such as releasing their Bing rewards app for iPhone and Android devices before Windows Phone. It’s obvious that Windows Phone isn’t doing as well as Android or iOS, but the captain is supposed to go down with the ship, right?

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AllCast from ClockworkMod released to Play Store, will allow streaming of media to (pretty much) anywhere


Koushik Dutta has done it again. His popular app, AllCast (which doesn’t require root access), has been released to the Play Store. The app will let you stream pictures and video to pretty much any device. This includes Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung and Panasonic TVs, Google TV, and all DLNA-enabled devices.

Unsurprisingly, Chromecast is not supported because it’s still heavily restricted by Google. You can download the application for free, but you’ll get ads, splash-screens, and a limit on length of videos you can watch. To remove the limitations, you’ll have to pay a $4.99 fee for the unlock key— a price well worth it when you consider what you’re getting from the app.

Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

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Xbox SmartGlass Comes to Android Tablets


Microsoft has finally released a Tablet version of its ever popular Xbox SmartGlass Android app. The app is compatible with Tablets with screen sizes 7″ and larger, and is available for immediate download on the Google Play Store. Hit the break below for the download link.

As is the case with the Xbox SmartGlass smartphone app, Tablet user’s will be able to:

• Navigate their Xbox 360 with swipe and tap
• Use a phone’s keyboard to type to a user’s Xbox 360
• Browse the Internet on an Xbox 360 with full keyboard and zooming
• Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and stop videos and music on an Xbox 360
• Search the full Xbox catalog of music, video, and games
• Enjoy rich, interactive experiences from select game and entertainment content creators
• Track and compare your achievements with your Xbox friends
• Change up user’s 3D avatars
• Message Xbox friends
• Edit Xbox profiles Read more

Microsoft Launches Xbox Music Subscription Service With App Coming To Android Sometime In The Near Future


As the Xbox grows beyond a gaming system and more of an entertainment system, owners of the system like yours truly are itching to utilize our Xbox experience to a new level. Microsoft has announced its new Xbox Music service, which allows users to stream internet music, subscribe to music services and upload music from their own personal collection into the cloud— all in one effective package. The new service modeled as a one-stop-shop, Xbox Music will allow folks to not just enjoy music from their favorite artists, but it will also give music lovers a new means of discovering new and cutting-edge artists and music as well— all for a $10 monthly fee.

Microsoft doesn’t want to stop there either. Not only does it plan on unveiling the service on its new Windows 8 and Xbox platforms, it plans on launching on other mobile platforms as well. As such, Microsoft has heard our cries and it has confirmed it will launch for iOS and Android devices… “eventually”. When eventually is exactly is anyone’s guess, but hey— the more music options for Android fans, the better, right?

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Microsoft Smart Glass: A Cross-Platform App That Pushes Media To Xbox 360

Microsoft is set to demo Smart Glass, an app that is akin to AirPlay for the Xbox 360, at E3 next week. This Xbox companion app is said to be able to play videos from different sources on tablets and phones as well as push that content from your device to an Xbox 360. What’s more, the app is apparently going to be made available for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. This multiplatform strategy is smart for Microsoft since so many people have Xboxes regardless of which side they take in the mobile OS wars.

A leak of a confidential presentation for Smart Glass noted the following:

  • Will allow users to control their Xbox 360 remotely. Will be available cross platform on multiple operating systems including Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.
  • Applications will be accessible through the tablet. Such as Youtube/Netflix/Vemo ect.
  • Live streaming ability through the tablet to the TV, desktop, lap top and other devices.
  • A demo at E3 will be shown, but no live video will be featured

As the owner of two Xbox 360’s, this is certainly something I am going to keep an eye on. More details should emerge at E3.

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ARCHOS G9 Series Tablets Get Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Today is a joyous day if you’re an ARCHOS G9 series tablet owner. We knew it was only a matter of time before a major update arrived for the tablet, but unfortunately encountered some minor delays which raised some doubt. The brand has officially pushed out the coveted Ice Cream Sandwich update to the 80 G9 and 101 G9 tablet devices. The new update will now bring the software build of those tablets to Android 4.0.3. In addition to ICS, you’ll find some MediaCenter and FileManager upgrades and ohhhh– Xbox gamepad support if that strikes your fancy. If you’re an owner of either tablet, go out and grab the update today by hitting up the Support link below. And please– be sure to let us know how that delectable ICS goodness tastes.

 source: ARCHOS Support
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Microsoft to Bring Xbox Live App to Android (And iOS Too)

If you are one of the Xbox toting folk who wanted to have the ability to play Xbox Live on your smart phone you were very much limited to having a phone with Windows Phone 7 on it. I say were because yesterday Microsoft announced that it’s gaming app will be coming to both Android and iOS devices. While it has been available for iOS, users are only able to chat with friends, update their avatars or manage their achievements. They had mentioned this move before but Business Insider received conformation yesterday. a developer told them: Read more