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XBMC changing name to Kodi


The developers behind XBMC, the entertainment and media center software, have announced a change in name for the platform. XBMC has started the process to be renamed Kodi as part of the upcoming release of version 14. This is not the first time the group has changed the name, the last time being in 2008. However, all of the previous name changes have been variants of the original “Xbox Media Player” which was coined in 2002. Two years after that it was renamed “Xbox Media Center” and then four years later it was shortened to the current XBMC. The change to Kodi is a radical change taking things in a whole new direction. Read more

XBMC for Android launches “user-friendly” version

Owners of Android devices hoping to turn their hardware into a streaming media set top box now have the opportunity to do so using popular open source application XBMC. To open the door to Android device owners, the developers of XBMC incorporated hardware accelerated video decoding into the application. XBMC also promises this new version is user-friendly, a claim that seems to be supported by the fact that their installation instructions are comprised of only four steps.

XBMC started out as an application to a turn a first generation XBox gaming console into a media center. Thanks to its open source nature, it has become quite popular with developers like Plex Media and Boxee. If you want to check out XBMC for Android, use the source link below to visit the XBMC for Android website.

source: XBMC for Android

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XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’ Beta 2 now available for Android devices

The award-winning free and open source media player and entertainment hub XBMC 12 has hit its second beta today, allowing eager Android users to test out the new software. The updated version offers a plethora of enhancements, including audio tweaks, bug fixes and improved support for the Xbox 360 gaming controller.

To get in on the action, users will need to ensure that their device is compatible with Neon processor code, something that most recent handsets support. Unfortunately, there are a slew of issues present in Android 4.2, though they are planned to be addressed in the next build. You can read more information at the source, as well as download the official .apk below.

Download XBMC 12 Beta 2

Source: XBMC

XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’ Beta 1 for Android surfaces

After not hearing much from the XBMC media software for Android since we reported on in back in July, it looks like the first Beta form is now official, code-named “Frodo.” While I couldn’t personally find it in the Play Store, it should be arriving very soon. The only way to download the media player application previously was to be versed in development and compiling. Early ideas of this application coupled with Miracast sound very appealing.

The software itself actually made an appearance on Xbox Live almost 10 years ago and it’s finally making its way to the Android platform after hitting iOS last year. The Android version will have audio suport for DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD formats. It’ll also have live TV and PVR access. Of course with any beta, there will be issues. You can check out the XBMC blog below for a full rundown of features and know issues with the beta.


source:  XBMC

Ouya And XBMC Announce Joint Collaboration, Brings One Closer Step To Ensuring The Gaming Console Can Also Be A Topnotch Media Center

It’s no secret that Ouya is set to revolutionize gaming and XBMC is primed to revolutionize how we consume and manage our media— but what happens when you get both hyper cool concepts and mesh them together? You get a joint collaboration of course. Both XBMC and Ouya announced their agreement to ensure the media app runs smoothly on the gaming console. To ensure the app runs smoothly and at an optimal level, the XBMC team will receive early prototypes of the console and will undergo vigorous testing to ensure the app has an open, DRM-free media functionality.

The Ouya console just seems to look better and better by the day, doesn’t it?


source: The Verge

XBMC Coming Soon to Android


XBMC, the venerable home media software that began as an XBOX application way back in 2003 is coming soon to Android.  The software, if you’re not familiar is an open-source, cross-platform application that can run on just about anything.  XBMC will run as a standard Android application, and touch-friendly skins are already available to turn that rather large 10-foot interface into something a little more finger friendly. Read more

XBMC Remote for Android now official

XBMC, one of the most popular home media platforms available, has pushed it’s way into the Android atmosphere with the official release of the new XBMC Remote for Android devices.

This app will allow you to, as suggested, utilize your Android device as a remote control for XBMC. The company made some comments highlighting some features of the app:

There is still a lot to do, but the basics should work fairly well. Besides using the app as pure remote control with the look of the famous Xbox DVD Dongle, you’ll be able to browse your music, movie and TV shows library. Browse through your albums by genre or artist, select or queue an album without even turning on your television? No problem. Make incoming calls automagically pause the film you’re watching? Go to settings and check the option. You can find a complete list of features on the project page. Also check out the screenshots gallery.

The app already has a rating of 5 stars. If you would like to download the app for yourself, it requires your Android device be running at least Android 1.5, and your XBMC be on version 9.11.

Download Link

To read the official post, and to see an official screenshot gallery, hit up the source link. If you get the chance to try it out, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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