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Neon green Moto X shown in Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ album

green_moto_xWe’ve known for a while that the Moto X will come in multiple customizable colors. One of Motorola’s newest employees, Guy Kawasaki, just showed us one of the colors, maybe accidentally. Kawasaki posted photos of a Motorola campus party that was held last week at their corporate headquarters, and in one of the pictures, which you see above, shows someone holding what looks an awful lot like a neon green Moto X.

There were probably other Moto X devices at the event, but this looks to be the only one that got posted in Kawasaki’s Google+ album. There’s only a few more days until we have all of the official info of the highly anticipated device and don’t have to rely on these leaks!

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New Moto X Phone video gives us four minute walkthrough


If you need a little Moto X leak fix today, you are in luck as a new four minute long video of the device has surfaced thanks to a Vietnamese web site. Given all of the leaked renders and other images, there probably is not a whole lot of new information available in the video. Still, you can get a good look at the hardware itself, including several details, along with the operation of the device. Check it out below.

YouTube Preview Image

source: AndroidCentral

Motorola hints at fast Moto X camera


Motorola tweeted something curious today. They posted some blurry shots of a kid on Twitter, saying today’s cameras were a bit too slow. After that video demonstrating some awesome new camera tricks the Moto X will supposedly have, I think it’s safe to say that Motorola is betting big on their new camera tech. Either that, or they’re just really disappointed in how slow smartphone cameras are and they’d really appreciate it if someone else could fix it. Guess we’ll find out soon. Check out the tweet below.

source: Twitter

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Motorola X Phone pops up in video, shows off in white and black with always-on voice actions


A video for the fabled Moto X device popped up on Google+ from Canadian carrier Rogers, and it shows off some pretty unique aspects of the device. The X Phone will supposedly feature always-on voice commands, so you can wake the device, hands-free, and issue commands to it. A user simply says “Okay Google Now,” then issues a command, and the device takes it from there. Google Now is awesome, and totally touchless Google Now integration is even more awesome, although the always listening part might cause a few people bust out the tinfoil hats. Read more

Moto X customers will be able to pick back plate material, source says



The Moto X is preparing to be one of the most customizable gadgets we’ve ever seen. Android and Me founder Taylor Wimbley tells us that even the material that the back plate is made of will be customizable. Via his Google+ profile, Wimbley posted saying that the X “features a curved design engineered from ground up for personalization.” Pastic, wood, ceramic, fabric, you name it, it might be an option.

At first, only wood and plastic will be available, and the other options will roll out gradually after the August 23 launch. Wimbley also mentioned in his post that AT&T has an exclusive “thing” for the Moto X launch, which could possibly be an exclusive material or color, but he’s not sure.

Source: +Taylor Wimbley

Motorola to spend up to $500 million marketing the X Phone on all four major carriers


We’ve heard all about Motorola’s X Phone hardware, but sometimes it’s the intangible stuff that needs attention. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is giving Motorola a gigantic budget to push the X Phone in the US and a few overseas markets. How big, you might ask? Try upwards of $500 million. That’s definitely more than a little pocket change, and it’s certainly going to have a huge effect on the market when the X Phone launches.

Part of the reason for the large budget is the anticipated launch on all four major US carriers. We’ve already seen different possible variants of the X Phone come through the FCC for more than one carrier, so all the signs are pointing to a multi-carrier approach to the device. As we’ve seen with Samsung’s Galaxy S line, that single flagship design across carriers works extremely well. One area that Motorola is supposedly making big strides in is the amount of carrier bloatware allowed on the device. Most customers are familiar with carrier apps that come preinstalled on devices, like demos of games or carrier app stores. Sources are saying that Motorola is keeping the bloatware to a minimum with the X Phone, even with Verizon. Most Verizon customers can attest to that being a spectacular feat. (To be fair, though, AT&T and Sprint are also two big carriers who load their fair share of bloatware onto devices)

We still don’t have any actual concrete details about Motorola’s latest device, but rest assured, the rest of the Android community is just as eager to see it as you are at this point.

source: Wall Street Journal

Several new pics of Moto X surface, shows front plate of device


We’re only a few days away from seeing how accurate the July 11th prediction for the Moto X is, but that’s not going to stop the leaks from coming. The latest set of pictures show what appears to be the front plate of the Moto X. No internals, but it’s a good shot of the cosmetics of the device, and it matches up with most of the other leaks we’ve seen in the past several weeks. Personally, I think these plates have a more rouned, Nexus-ish aesthetic to them that isn’t seen in Motorola devices, so they could definitely be the result of a Google and Motorola collaboration. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out. Hit the break below to check out some of the pictures. Read more

Could the X Phone launch on July 11?

motorola_x_launchDoes the image above suggest a sooner than expected launch of the hyped Motorola X Phone? According to some, the man and woman in the promotional image above could have intentionally posed in the form of Roman numerals “XI,” for 11. Leo Laporte was invited to a press event – on which day? July 11. Could the signs have been pointing to a July 11 X Phone launch but we didn’t even realize it until now?

It’s also very likely that we’re just overanalyzing and seeing things. Either way, we will know in just a few days. Keep your browser at Talk Android for all of the latest Moto X news as it breaks.

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Motorola X Phone will be very customizable, according to report

x_phone_colorsIf the rumors are right, then customization is going to be taken to a whole new level with the Motorola X Phone. According to sources speaking to ABC News, customers will be able to select the color of their device, and engrave a message on the back before shipment. The phone will be sold standard at carrier stores, and customized version will be sold through a website. Customers will also be able to upload a photo and personalized wallpaper to include.

However, despite earlier reports, besides a few storage options, the inner hardware will not be customizable. Sensors will be included though, and they sound awesome. For example, a flick on the phone will activate the camera, and the phone will automatically switch to speakerphone once it detects the phone is in the car.

The X Phone is supposed to launch by October of this year. Right now, it looks like it will be US-only, but we will see soon enough.

Source: Tech Radar

Sign up page for Motorola X Phone goes live


Motorola’s X Phone campaign went live today, and with it comes a sign up page to be the first to know about the device when it becomes official. Normally, you find out the official details of a device way before they come out thanks to leaks ahead of time, but with how much mystery Motorola has surrounding this phone, signing up might be a good idea. You can get to the official registration page at the link below.

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