Starbucks locations in United Kingdom get wireless charging stations


In November, Starbucks made it known that its locations would feature wireless charging stations based on the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard. Devices with support for the PMA standard would benefit by Starbucks offering simple charging. Those without wireless charging (or of a different standard) would be able to purchase special adapters for Android and iOS devices. It started with two hundred Starbucks locations in San Francisco, but now the coffeehouse chain has expanded the wireless charging stations to the United Kingdom. The launch in the United Kingdom starts with ten locations in London and then it will spread throughout the country. No timetable has been provided for the expansion.

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Energous shows off WattUp wireless charging router


Energous visited CES 2015 this year to show off their WattUp system for wireless charging mobile devices. By wireless charging though, Energous does not mean a charging pad that you have put your device on. While convenient, charging pads still limit the availability of mobile devices. The Energous WattUp system actually charges devices over-the-air up to 20 feet away from their most recent router. To showcase the technology, Energous setup a suite at CES 2015 to serve as a typical home with founder Michael Leabman moving around while charging his devices.
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Freescale working on wireless charging for tablets next year


Wireless charging is slowly becoming a standard for smartphones (even if an actual standard cannot be decided). Tablet, on the other hand, have received very little attention when it comes to wireless charging. Hardware just do not seem to care about the feature for tablets. The primary reason for that is because the current technology would have a tablet charging at an extremely slow pace. Freescale, a company that his its roots with Motorola, is developing a solution that would bring wireless charging to tablets.

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Starbucks goes with Power Matters Alliance as its wireless charging standard


The folks over at Powermat Technologies are really happy these days. Why? Because Starbucks announced that it will adopt the developer’s Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard for wireless charging. The coffeehouse chain is launching 1,500 wireless charging stations at two hundred stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. Starbucks is rolling out these wireless charging stations to cities over time rather than doing it nationwide. Starbucks does not exactly say which cities or countries are ahead, but does clarify more will follow in 2015. This approach allows any problems to be identified and fixed before proceeding to the next city.

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Motorola’s Moto 360 unofficially works with any Qi wireless charger


We have good news for Moto 360 owners that tend to break or lose things easily. The smartwatch ships with a wireless charging cradle and the standard of such a system here is Qi. This means that any wireless charging using the Qi standard is able to step in as a replacement or backup to charge the Moto 360.

If you do intend upon using another wireless charger, MobileSyrup suggests checking for abnormal levels of heat that could potentially harm the Motorola smartwatch. Now go ahead and plant those wireless chargers throughout your home or office.

Source: MobileSyrup

uBeam’s working prototype will charge devices via ultrasound across the room


I often wonder if wireless charging hasn’t caught on because people are waiting for what I call “true wireless charging.” The only working method we have right now is by placing your device(s) on a charging mat, which doesn’t feel all that wireless. Sure, you don’t have to “plug” a wire into your device, but there is one connected to the mat that your device is sitting on.

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Qi wireless charging will soon adopt short-range resonance charging


The Qi wireless charging standard is one of the most popular wireless charging solutions, but it still has limitations. Since it solely uses inductive charging, your device has to sit on a charging pad to work. That removes the hassle of plugging in a USB cable, but you’re not exactly going to be using your phone if it’s glued to a power mat. Fortunately, it looks like the Wireless Power Consortium is going to be adopting a new technology into the Qi standard that will allow devices to charge at a slightly longer distance.
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AT&T LG G3 only supports PMA wireless charging, no Qi charging available

LG G3 colors

AT&T’s LG G3 does support wireless charging, but if you’ve invested in any Qi charging mats, don’t expect them to work. The AT&T version of the device will only work with PMA (Power Matters Alliance) charging pads, which includes offerings from Duracell and a few other companies. AT&T has pretty publicly tried to support PMA charging instead of Qi, so this move makes sense for the company, even though it’s not great for customers.
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Starbucks will begin rolling out wireless charging mats in stores across the US


Starbucks already offers WiFi access points for customers, but it looks like they’re going a step further and adding another technological convenience to their stores in the US: wireless charging mats. Duracell and Starbucks have made a joint announcement that they’ll be rolling out Duracell Powermat Spots that will be designated areas or tables where you can simply drop your (wireless charging-capable) device to juice up the battery while you wait for your coffee.

The rollout for the Powermats will start in Seattle and New York, and will gradually start hitting other stores over the year. Every store should have wireless charging stations implemented by 2015.
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