AT&T LG G3 only supports PMA wireless charging, no Qi charging available

by Jared Peters on
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LG G3 colors

AT&T’s LG G3 does support wireless charging, but if you’ve invested in any Qi charging mats, don’t expect them to work. The AT&T version of the device will only work with PMA (Power Matters Alliance) charging pads, which includes offerings from Duracell and a few other companies. AT&T has pretty publicly tried to support PMA charging instead of Qi, so this move makes sense for the company, even though it’s not great for customers. » Read the rest

Starbucks will begin rolling out wireless charging mats in stores across the US

by Jared Peters on
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Starbucks already offers WiFi access points for customers, but it looks like they’re going a step further and adding another technological convenience to their stores in the US: wireless charging mats. Duracell and Starbucks have made a joint announcement that they’ll be rolling out Duracell Powermat Spots that will be designated areas or tables where you can simply drop your (wireless charging-capable) device to juice up the battery while you wait for your coffee.

The rollout for the Powermats will start in Seattle and New York, and will gradually start hitting other stores over the year. Every store should have wireless charging stations implemented by 2015. » Read the rest

Sony launches wireless charging plate and cover case for Xperia Z2

by Justin Herrick on
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We are all sick and tired of having so many wires in our house. Luckily, many Android manufacturers believe in wireless charging methods. Sony is no different and has launched two accessories for the Xperia Z2 for owners in pursuit of a wireless life. The company now has a wireless charging plate and cover case. The wireless charging standard chosen by Sony is Qi.

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New wireless charging technology can charge up to 40 devices at once

by Christian de Looper on


Charging technology has developed a lot over the past few years, especially wireless charging technology. In fact, new wireless charging technology developed at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology that can charge a whopping 40 phones at once from up to 5 meters away.

The system is called the Dipole Coil Resonant System, and while it’s still in prototype phase, it could make charging cables a thing of the past. It essentially uses 2 long magnetic coils to power devices through inductive charging. Not only could it charge your mobile devices, but it could also power things like your TV.

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Samsung, Microsoft join the Wireless Power Consortium to adopt Qi wireless charging

by Justin Herrick on
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Both Samsung and Microsoft today have announced that they are joining the Wireless Power Consortium. In doing so, the companies will adopt the Qi wireless charging standard. Samsung already belongs to, and in fact co-founded, the Alliance for Wireless Charging group; however, the A4WP agreed to work with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) last month in order to make wireless charging a less fragmented system.

For Samsung, this is interesting as it shows they are willing to utilize another wireless charging standard. For Microsoft, however, it is a no-brainer since Nokia’s handsets utilize the WPC’s Qi wireless charging system. The WPC, A4WP, and PMA all have different standards, but this deal can move the three closer together in creating an overall cohesive experience for wireless charging.

Hit the break for the full press release. » Read the rest

Sound file in ‘all new HTC One’ suggests wireless charging capabilities for device

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Information about the all new HTC One has been leaking for weeks now, and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage in sight. We’ve just received word that the new device is expected to feature wireless charging capabilities.

This isn’t a surprise, but it’s valuable information nonetheless.

The hint was discovered after sound files from the new device were looked into— among notification and alarm sounds was an .ogg file called, “Wireless Charging Started.”

The file name pretty much gives it all away. With all of these leaks coming so quickly, don’t be surprised when more comes out in the next few days.

Via: Phone Arena

A4WP, PMA agree to create wireless charging standards

by Justin Herrick on
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Qi Wireless Charging

The Alliance for Wireless Charging and Power Matters Alliance, two of the biggest groups around, agreed to create a standard for wireless charging. The end goal of this agreement is to end wireless charging fragmentation. Currently, there are so many wireless charging stations; however, they are not compatible with all devices. For example, Nokia’s smartphones use the Qi standard that was created by the Wireless Power Consortium. This is the group that has not agreed to create a wireless charging standard, unfortunately.

In some cases, a company joins multiple groups while others join just one. Samsung belongs to the A4WP but recently invested in a Qi standard company. Qualcomm, on the other hand, belongs to each of the big three. While the A4WP and PMA are not required to work directly with one another, this agreement should allow them to ‘play nice.’


The Galaxy S 5 probably won’t sport magnetic resonance wireless charging

by Robert Nazarian on
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Back in October, there was a rumor that Samsung would offer magnetic resonance wireless charging by mid-2014, and many were hoping it meant the Galaxy S 5 would be the first device.

What exactly is this type of wireless charging? It essentially allows the phone to be charged without actually touching the charging pad. Multiple devices can be charged at the same time as long as they are 3cm from the charging pad or station. Unfortunately 3cm isn’t all that far, and Samsung seems to agree.

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A look at new Qi wireless charging applications for the automobile from the Wireless Power Consortium at CES 2014

by Robert Nazarian on
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Qi_Wireless_Charging_From_Wireless_Power_ConsortiumWireless charging is something consumers want, but the manufacturers continue to take their time agreeing with a standard. We have the Alliance 4 Wireless Power and the Wireless Power Consortium. Both include partners such as Qualcomm and Samsung that are members with both organizations. A little messed up to say the least.

Last year at CES, I met with the Alliance 4 Wireless Power, and this year, I met with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), WPC is committed to Qi technology, which seems to be the most logical since that is pretty much all we see in the wild. Now if manufacturers would stop fooling around and implement it in their devices, we might start seeing the benefits of wireless charging.

Charging pads at home is just one aspect, but charging pads in the car and commercial establishments is where the future is. WPC showed me a couple of new products for the automobile, so hit the break for a quick hands on video.

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MediaTek’s wireless charging technology could support many devices, getting rid of the crowded field of standards

by Justin Herrick on
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MediaTek has announced that they have successfully created a way technology that allows wireless charging to take place regardless of the equipment being used. While it is not ready for immediate production, it will solve a big issue with wireless charging

There are many different wireless charging solutions; therefore, a person’s tablet and smartphone may not use the same wireless charging technology. Also, they require a very precise position on a charging pad. MediaTek’s solution would allow devices to be laid anywhere on the charging pad without having to worry about the position. More interestingly, it may allow to charge through walls. It is that incredible. Hit the source link to read more about what MediaTek is working on.

Source: MediaTek (PDF)